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PostSubject: Skelk Claw   Skelk Claw I_icon_minitime9/29/2012, 6:50 am

The Farm
Leave from Umbral Grotto into Verdant Cascades (that part should be obvious Shocked )
Get the Asura bounty, also have ur Asura rank on (that part too, should be obvious Surprised )
Head southeast (as Gadd would say; "u see south? u see east? head between them, that's southeast") and there is a group of 2 skelk on ur right. Get to them fast and try to pull them away from where they are or be ready to also either kill or run from the Quetzal that will come to fight them (and you).
Continue southeast.
A group of 4 Skelk will be right in your path.
Kill them.
Continue southeast.
To ur right again, another group of 2 like the 1st group listed above. Handle them the same way as that group.
From here u will also see another group directly in ur path, a group of 3.
Kill them too.
Continue southeast towards the rez shrine to fight another group of 3 just before the shrine.
Dont bother to talk to the Asura at the shrine. As of this time u have only killed 14 Skelk and maybe 8 Quetzal if u had to fight them as well. So no bonus Asura points for u, not yet anyway.
Due west of the shrine is a group also like the 1st group.
Southeast of the shrine is a group of 3 Skelk plus a group of 6, which includes a Skelk boss.
You have just sent 25 Skelk to Hell, or Helk or where ever the fuck Skelk go when they die. Go see the shrine Asura now if u wish.
From the dead boss head east, just east. Why? Because A-Net built a fucking wall in the south.
You will encounter a group of 5 Skelk, followed by a group of 5 Skelk, followed by another group of 5 and then a group of 4 followed by a group of Wind Riders and Bees.
You can leave the Wind Riders be (pun intended).
Skelk :0 (or whatever depending on how many times u may or may not have 86'd urself)
From here u can also see the only Bridge Troll in the game.
Very exciting. Suspect
Moving right along...
Go north, like u are going to be making a fucked up rectangle. Do this because that is what u will be doing essentially when this farm is said and done.
Making a fucked up rectangle.
Whilst heading north and making ur most fucked up rectangle u come across a group of 5.
After they have been dealt with there is a trail heading west towards where the rez shrine was that u passed earlier. There is a group of 3 along that trail.
Now head back east and then north and continue making ur most triumphantly fucked up rectangle.
5 more Skelk before the "Wind Rider Bridge".
And 5 more just beyond it.
Head to the north shrine and talk to the Asura there if u like, then go kill the 5 Skelk west of him.
Congratulations are in order here.
You have just committed genocide.
You have killed all the Skelk of the Verdent Cascades.

The Build
A standard SoS solo build on a Ritualist works well here. there are a few changes of note however that should be considered for this week's farm....
>You may not want to bother bringing Painful Bond with this farm's SoS solo build, its a hex and the Skelk Scouragers will just remove it from themselves and their adjacent allies with Withdraw Hexes. Instead use another spirit, Disenchantment is a good choice since the Skelk like to enchant themselves.
>Also bring Mend body and Soul as a heal. the Assassin Skelk can Deep Wound u when u need it least, like when ur health drops below 50%, and u will likely be poisoned and/or diseased (diseased by the Necro Skelk) by them as it is when this happens.
>Skelk hex alot and drop alot of conditions. These affect u and u alone as spirits can't be hexed and aren't "fleshy" so they are immune to most condition.

My exact SoS solo for this week (on a Ritualist) was:

Channeling:10+1+3 (14)
Communing:11+1 (12)
Restoration:4+1 (5)
Spawning Power:9+1 (10)

>Painful Bond (yes, yes, i used it anyway)
>Pain (yes, I actually opted for Pain for once)
>Signet of Spirits
>Armor of Unfeeling
>Mend Body and Soul
>Summon Spirits

This run (the full run) will net u between 10-15 Claws with an average of 12 and takes about 15-20 minutes.
So u will likely need to rinse and repeat for at least part of a 2nd run.

And that's all i have to say about that,

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Skelk Claw
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