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 Ruby Djinn Essence

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PostSubject: Ruby Djinn Essence    Ruby Djinn Essence  I_icon_minitime3/20/2012, 4:35 pm

There are actually alot of areas in Vabbi where the Ruby Djinn Essences can be found...though in small quantities and... they just suck balls to farm Razz as it is hard to solo farm foes that do AoE damage and massive amounts of it at that (this is one of those times SoS solo will only work in a few places, it would be better to use a Shadow Form Assassin, except for The Alkali Pan, where the groups are pairs and there are no Roaring Fucking Ethers like so many other places where it's three Roaring Ethers and u might get any kind of Djinn in a given group.
Here we will discuss all of the Explorable Areas where there are Ruby Djinn to get u the option that best suits your farming style.....

YES: Very Happy Likely the best place to farm the essences u need in Vabbi is the actual Dasha Vestibule mission, or at least part of it as there are a few Ruby Djinn at the start mixed again with a few Sapphire Djinn (all are pop-ups after u "sound the alarm"), however the majority of the rest of the mission is Sapphire Djinn and Roaring Ethers mostly.
However, if u answer the questions about the 6 gods wrong u can get a Ruby Djinn with each incorrect answer along with 2 Sapphire Djinn
Also u have to take Margrid with u, so u wont be able to solo farm at the start, even still, with a small party this is your best and fastest option if u wish to farm in Vabbi

NO: If u can get to Dasha Vestibule it means u can also get to the Hidden City of Ahdashim, there are a few Ruby Djinn there however if u wanted to farm Diamond Djinn or Sapphire Djinn this would be the place to try, since its mainly those types of Djinn....but u dont want there essences....thus this isnt the place to farm the Ruby Djinn's essence.

NO:Forum Highlands (leaving from Tihark Orchard), also not worth it, first off u have to face a few groups of Skree to even get to the Djinn and again most of the Djinn here are Sapphire Djinns, except for the pain in the ass boss and another Ruby Djinn with the Rit boss

Again...NO: Garden of Seborhin (leaving from Tihark Orchard and into the Forum Highlands), mostly Sapphire and Diamond Djinn along with Roaring Ethers

Eh...Maybe:Resplendent Makuun, leaving from Honur Hill and heading east and then south at the Shrine by the gate to the Wilderness of Bahdza u will find 2 Ruby Djinn, most of the foes here are Behemoths, Sapphire Djinn and Roaring Ethers at first but keep going south for a few more groups, including one with a boss.
The farm here is over when u reach the next resurrection shine south of where u turned south

HELL NO: The Mirror of Lyss, leaving from Honur Hill going north along the wall toward Dzaghonur Bastion u will get a single type of Djinn per group and 3 Roaring Ether......and the only Elemental worse than a Ruby Djinn is a Roaring Fucking Ether

YES, well sort of yes: Wilderness of Bahdza, leaving from Dzaghonur Bastion go east and then turn south at the Skree (u can avoid aggro'ing the Skree easily) u will get groups of 3 Djinn, 2 of which are Ruby ones, the other one is random it seems. There are 2 groups like that and another comprised of Sapphire and Diamond Djinn.
From here u can continue your farming run by heading into the gate of Resplendent Makuun and going south for a few other groups as well as a group with a boss
The farm here is over when u reach the next resurrection shine south of where u turned south

The Ruby Djinn Essences, along with Ruby Djinn themselves can also be found in The Desolation

YES: Crystal Overlook, despite the fact that u need to leave from The Mouth of Torment to and into The Ruptured Heart to get to Crystal Overlook, the farm isnt that bad, its 4 groups along the north western path with 1-2 Ruby Djinns in each group.
You will have a few Giants and Monolinths to get through first, but as i said, it isnt that bad. Once u kill the fourth group just go back the way u came and rezone and do the farm again

FUCK NO: Poisoned Outcrops, leave from Lair of the this if u want to waste your time and kill Bugs, Mesas and the wrong types of Djinn and maybe, just maybe a single Ruby Djinn

FUCK YES: The Alkali Pan, leave from Bone Palace going toward where the Traveler actually is. As far as farming the essences in The Desolation goes, this one is the easiest and could be SoS Solo'd with ease since the groups are only groups of two and at least one of them is a Ruby Djinn, there are only 4 groups however, but u will get 4-5 Ruby Djinn without all the excess complications of the other Djinn

OMFG NO: The Sulfurous Wastes, in short....not worth it.....not worth it at all. Leaving from Remains of Sahlahja and going east there are a few Djinn, 2 groups that can be aggro'd at the same time (one has a boss with it) the rest of ur foes are Crags, Mesas, Awakened and an ass-load of Margonites....o btw, there is also another group in the south west corner......a complete waste of time

Ruby Djinn Stats and Skills

15 Fire Magic (20 Fire Magic in Hard mode)

Fire Attunement
Glowing Gaze
Liquid Flame
Searing Flames (elite) (in Vabbi and Poisoned Outcrops)
Savannah Heat (elite) (replaces Searing Flames in The Desolation and when they pop at the Do Not Touch (that's the Lamp by the Ruby Djinn boss) in the Forum Highlands)

Armor ratings
Blunt damage/Piercing damage/Slashing damage 71
Cold damage 51
Fire damage 91
Lightning damage/Earth damage 71

Items dropped
Ethereal Garment
Pile of Glittering Dust
Ruby Djinn Essence

And that's all for this week Traveler's Farm
Good Luck and Good Farming

Ruby Djinn Essence  VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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Ruby Djinn Essence
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