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 Fetid Carapace

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PostSubject: Fetid Carapace   Fetid Carapace I_icon_minitime5/22/2012, 12:00 am

First i would like to say one thing regarding this farm...

It's a low level, bullshit farm so u can just do it with whatever build. Carry an IMS (increased movement speed) skill in your skill bar, it will make this faster (and, as I have stated, and we all know, TIME=MONEY)

The Fetid Carapaces drop in Prophecies from...
>Carrion Devourer
>Crimson Devourer
>Plague Devourer
>Whiptail Devourer

Farming the Carapaces
1) This is what wiki says;
"The first part of the Ruins of Surmia mission is filled with Devourer"
You can get to the Ruins of Surmia outpost by going to the Frontier Gate outpost leaving there north, and then going into the Eastern Frontier (EA) and heading left (west) as soon as u have the opportunity. It's a short/fast trip.

Honestly, just do this its simple enough and fast
And isnt that what we all want with Nick's bullshit  lol!

However, if u want to farm them elsewhere for whatever reason, Devourers that drop Fetid Carapaces can also be found in these locales in Post-Searing Ascalon;
>Eastern Frontier
>Diessa Lowlands
>Old Ascalon
>Pockmark Flats*
>Regent Valley
>The Breach (Whiptail Devourers do not spawn here)
(*=Crimson Devourers do not spawn in any other explorable area OR in any mission except in the Pockmark Flats explorable area)

Or in these Post-searing Missions as well (in addition to the Ruins of Surmia mission);
>Fort Ranik (Whiptail Devourers do not spawn here)
>Nolani Academy
>The Great Northern Wall

Okay, that's all.
So i am out.
GL/HF and good farming

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Fetid Carapace
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