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 The Nick List

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PostSubject: The Nick List   The Nick List I_icon_minitime7/23/2012, 1:26 pm

This is the [u]complete[/u] list of all the stuff Nickolas the Traveler needs so you can save the items up when you find them for later.
The quantity that he needs of them is likewise listed.
It seems he IS following the same order as he did in his last cycle, and that he will be (well, should be) in the same place he was the last time he asked for the specific item.

[color=#ffffff]THIS LIST IS IN THE ORDER OF WHAT HE WILL ASK FOR[/color]  :cheers:

After an item has been asked for in this cycle it will have a slash through it.
Also, I have numbered the items and have listed them in groups of 10 to make it a little easier on the eyes  :cyclops:  
1) [strike]3 Red Iris Flowers[/strike]
2) [strike]3  Feathered Avicara Scalps[/strike]
3) [strike]2  Margonite Masks[/strike]
4) [strike]2  Quetzal Crests[/strike]
5) [strike]3  Plague Idols[/strike]
6) [strike]2  Azure Remains[/strike]
7) [strike]1 Mandragor Root Cake[/strike]
8} [strike]1 Mahgo Claw[/strike]  
9) [strike]5 Mantid Pincers[/strike]
10) [strike]3  Sentient Seeds[/strike]

11) [strike]2  Stone Grawl Necklaces[/strike]
12) [strike]1  Herring[/strike]
13) [strike]3  Naga Skins[/strike]
14) [strike]1  Gloom Seed[/strike]
15) [strike]1  Charr Hide[/strike]
16) [strike]1  Ruby Djinn Essence[/strike]
17) [strike]2  Thorny Carapaces[/strike]
18) [strike]3  Bone Charms[/strike]  
19) [strike]3  Modniir Manes[/strike]  
20) [strike]3 Superb Charr Carvings[/strike]
21) [strike]5  Rolls of Parchment[/strike]
22) [strike]2  Roaring Ether Claws[/strike]
23) [strike]3  Branches of Juni Berries[/strike]  
24) [strike]3  Shiverpeak Manes[/strike]  
25) [strike]3  Fetid Carapaces[/strike]
26) [strike]2  Moon Shells[/strike]
27) [strike]1  Massive Jawbone[/strike]  
28) [strike]1  Chromatic Scale[/strike]  
29) [strike]3  Mursaat Tokens[/strike]  
30) [strike]1  Sentient Lodestone[/strike]
31) [strike]3  Jungle Troll Tusks[/strike]  
32) [strike]1  Sapphire Djinn Essence[/strike]
33) [strike]1  Stone Carving[/strike]    
34) [strike]3  Feathered Caromi Scalps[/strike]  
35) [strike]1  Pillaged Goods[/strike]  
36) [strike]1  Gold Crimson Skull Coin[/strike]  
37) [strike]3  Jade Bracelets[/strike]
38) [strike]2  Minotaur Horns[/strike]
39) [strike]2  Frosted Griffon Wings[/strike]    
40) [strike]2  Silver Bullion Coins[/strike]
41) [strike]1  Truffle[/strike]  
42) [strike]3  Skelk Claws[/strike]  
43) [strike]2  Dessicated Hydra Claws[/strike]
44) [strike]3  Frigid Hearts[/strike]
45) [strike]3  Celestial Essences[/strike]  
46) [strike]1  Phantom Residue[/strike]  
47) [strike]1  Drake Kabob[/strike]    
48) [strike]3  Amber Chunks[/strike]  
49) [strike]2  Glowing Hearts[/strike]  
50) [strike]5  Saurian Bones[/strike]
51) [strike]2  Behemoth Hides[/strike]  
52) [strike]1  Luminous Stone[/strike]    
53) [strike]3  Intricate Grawl Necklaces[/strike]
54) [strike]3  Jadeite Shards[/strike]  
55) [strike]1  Gold Doubloon[/strike]  
56) [strike]2  Shriveled Eyes[/strike]  
57) [strike]2  Icy Lodestones[/strike]  
58) [strike]1  Keen Oni Talon[/strike]  
59) [strike]2  Hardened Humps[/strike]  
60) [strike]2  Piles of Elemental Dust[/strike]

61) [strike]3  Naga Hides[/strike]    
62) [strike]3  Spiritwood Planks[/strike]  
63) [strike]1  Stormy Eye[/strike]  
64) [strike]3  Skree Wings[/strike]
65) [strike]3  Soul Stones[/strike]  
66) [strike]1  Spiked Crest[/strike]  
67) [strike]1  Dragon Root[/strike]  
68) [strike]3  Berserker Horns[/strike]
69) [strike]1  Behemoth Jaw[/strike]  
70) [strike]1  Bowl of Skalefin Soup[/strike]

71) [strike]2  Forest Minotaur Horns[/strike]  
72) [strike]3  Putrid Cysts[/strike]  
73) [strike]2  Jade Mandibles[/strike]    
74) [strike]2  Maguuma Manes[/strike]  
75) [strike]1  Skull Juju[/strike]    
76) [strike]3  Mandragor Swamproots[/strike]  
77) [strike]1  Bottle of Vabbian Wine[/strike]
78) [strike]2  Weaver Legs[/strike]  
79) [strike]1  Topaz Crest[/strike]  
80) [strike]2  Rot Wallow Tusks[/strike]
81) [strike]2  Frostfire Fangs[/strike]
82) [strike]1  Demonic Relic[/strike]
83) [strike]2 Abnormal Seeds [/strike]
84) [strike]1  Diamond Djinn Essence[/strike]
85) [strike]2 Forgotten Seals[/strike]  
86) [strike]5  Copper Crimson Skull Coins[/strike]  
87) [strike]3  Mossy Mandibles[/strike]  
88) [strike]2  Enslavement Stones[/strike]  
89) [strike]5  Elonian Leather Squares[/strike]
90) [strike]2  Cobalt Talons[/strike]
91) [strike]1  Maguuma Spider Web[/strike]  
92) [strike]5  Forgotten Trinket Boxes[/strike]  
93) [strike]3  Icy Humps[/strike]  
94) [strike]1  Sandblasted Lodestone[/strike]
95) [strike]3  Black Pearls[/strike]  
96) [strike]3  Insect Carapaces[/strike]  
97) [strike]3   Mergoyle Skulls[/strike]  
98) [strike]3  Decayed Orr Emblems[/strike]
99) [strike]5  Tempered Glass Vials[/strike]  
100) [strike]3  Scorched Lodestones[/strike]
101) [strike]1  Water Djinn Essence[/strike]  
102) [strike]1  Guardian Moss[/strike]
103) [strike]6  Dwarven Ales[/strike]  
104) [strike]2  Amphibian Tongues[/strike]  
105) [strike]2  Alpine Seeds[/strike]  
106) [strike]2  Tangled Seeds[/strike]  
107) [strike]3  Stolen Supplies[/strike]  
108) [strike]1  Pahnai Salad[/strike]    
109) [strike]3  Vermin Hides[/strike]  
110) [strike]1  Roaring Ether Heart[/strike]
111) [strike]3  Leathery Claws[/strike]  
112) [strike]1  Azure Crest[/strike]  
113) [strike]1  Jotun Pelt[/strike]  
114) [strike]2  Heket Tongues[/strike]
115) [strike]5  Mountain Troll Tusks[/strike]  
116) [strike]3  Vials of Ink[/strike]  
117) [strike]3  Kournan Pendants[/strike]  
118) [strike]3  Singed Gargoyle Skulls[/strike]  
119) [strike]3  Dredge Incisors[/strike] 
120) [strike]3  Stone Summit Badges[/strike]

121) [strike]3  Krait Skins[/strike]
123) [strike]2  Inscribed Shards[/strike]  
123) [strike]3  Feathered Scalps[/strike]  
124) [strike]3  Mummy Wrappings[/strike]  
125) [strike]2  Shadowy Remnants[/strike]  
126) [strike]3  Ancient Kappa Shells[/strike]  
127) [strike]1  Geode[/strike]    
128) [strike]2  Fibrous Mandragor Roots[/strike]
129) [strike]3  Gruesome Ribcages[/strike]  
130) [strike]2  Kraken Eyes[/strike]
131) [strike]3  Bog Skale Fins[/strike]  
132) [strike]2  Sentient Spores[/strike]  
133) [strike]2  Ancient Eyes[/strike]  
134) 3  Copper Shillings  
135) 3  Frigid Mandragor Husks
136) 3  Bolts of Linen  
137) 3  Charr Carvings  

And that's it...
ALL of it  ;)
Good Luck, Have Fun and Good Gaming,

[b][u]SPECIAL NOTE[/u]: Nicholas changes his weekly Item and Location at 8 AM PST (during American Daylight Savings Time) or 9 AM PST (otherwise).....however he will ONLY accept the weeks Item up until [u][i]ONE HOUR BEFORE[/i][/u] that (7 AM/8 AM PST). After that, even if he still appears in the location indicated he [u][i]WILL NOT[/i][/u] speak with you and you can't get that weeks gifts from him.[/b]

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The Nick List
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