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 Frigid Mandragor Husk

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PostSubject: Frigid Mandragor Husk   Frigid Mandragor Husk I_icon_minitime7/4/2014, 9:15 pm

this one is no large issue what so ever
but i will still discuss the fastest farming with u....

It is an easy farm so dont buy them, u could farm them for cash.

1st just leave from the Eye of the North outpost
and be certain to have ur Norn title on, the extra HP (HP=health for those of u who didnt play Dungeons & Dragons) can always help
the issues with Mandragors at any place in the world is that they are like a party of player characters unlike alot of enemy groups which are all the same class or generally the same-Mandragors are varied making them a bit of a pain....but u are like a 1 man army so they still fail as foes

this is another (like always) SoS solo build but it is modified due to the varied composition of Mandragor groups

SoS build vs Mandragors
[for this farm try this build-u will need to sub out Pain and Bloodsong in favor of Shadow Song and Disenchant, the one Mandragor is a Dervish and is nothing if he isnt enchanted, also the ALL Mandragors can KD u when they shadow step and they all can, its a Monster skill they have in EotN, however, they still generally suck as far as AI foes go]
>Painful Bond
>Shadow Song
>Signet of Spirits (Elite)
>Mend Body and Soul (this is better than Spirit Light here, due to all of the conditions the Mandragors can mass on u all at once)
>Armor of Unfeeling (ALWAYS use this with ANY SoS Solo)
>Summon Spirits (using ur best Kurz or Lux rank)

Leave the Eye of the North Outpost and head south
u should see the 1st group there abouts after crossing the ice lake. They have a wide patrol area so u may need to chase them a bit.
Also if u are working on Norn points there is a shrine u can hit up before u have to encounter any foes.
For group #2 head north east along the line from the shrine, after u have disposed of them continue in a northeastern fashion across a stone 'bridge' to attack group 3. be careful not to force the aggro of the Chilling Wisps on the ice below as u will make more problems for yourself there than u need to. For group 4 continue following the path as it slowly turns north west, the 4th group is along the path above the small group of Ice Imps below. Coincidentally, if u feel like it, there is often a chest to the back of the Ice Imps. The 5th and final group of the farm is literally due north past the 4rd group.

A full run takes 6-7 minutes,
i did get a variety of drop numbers though per run so i cant really tell u what to expect per run
in 5 runs i got ...
6+1+2+5+7 for a total of 21, thus the average is 4.2 per run but honestly-i wouldnt go with that....basically some of u will get lucky and get the 15 in 3 runs, others of u not so much lucky and it may take 6 runs

And also please note that u can easily die here due to the knockdown capability of the Mandragors since if they KD u 2-3 times in a row while u are trying to cast Mend Body and Soul u are hopelessly fucked since some of their KDs will get linked with the conditions they drop on your trying to cast ass. Also remember that Mandragors move fast so they can out run u, best thing to do is when they get close stage ur spirits and wait till the spirits 'wind-up' for a volley then move back (not the spirits, you), they will then shadow step to ur spirits instead of u. The last thing u want is 3 of them to target u at once, as i said, beyond that, they suck as foes vs what u are wielding as spirits. It does make a note to remind u that u dont have the long duration of Pain and Bloodsong, at best Shadowsong and Disenchantment last for 30 seconds...but they also have a 30 second recharge time-so when u see them recharge just cast them again right away.

Anyway, he is the farm coarse map Smile
Frigid Mandragor Husk Gw00112
good luck and have fun,

Frigid Mandragor Husk VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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Frigid Mandragor Husk
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