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 The Origin of the Fluxies (Minion Apocalypse)

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Boss Crab

PostSubject: The Origin of the Fluxies (Minion Apocalypse)   10/13/2012, 6:41 pm

The Minion Apocalypse flux is the ONLY flux that has EVER occurred twice, last October and this one.
Its appropriate to Halloween is likely why, or likely also that it just fucks ALL PvP Razz
There was a "BUG" that occurred in the 1st year wiki lists it as;
Before the October 4, 2011 update, getting banned by Dhuum in a PvP outpost would trigger Minion Apocalypse and could quickly cause the whole outpost to be swarmed with bone horrors. As is typical for deaths in outposts, these deaths did not count against the survivor title.
This is all well and good....but here are the True Stories of what happened BEFORE that update....
This one is an artistic representation (IGN:Doom Box (or Dhuum Box) of the dilemma of the Dhuum'ing of bots & assholes during the month of October with a flux that was never implemented before. It is truly a pleasure to watch. Since they recently Dhuum'd SOME (yes A-Net, u seem to have missed some, u got all the kurz ones, but only about 50% of the lux ones...THANK YOU SO VERY FUCKING MUCH FOR THAT) JQ Bots, and it is October, it would have been nice to see/show people a real Minion Apocalypse  Twisted Evil
BTW, Special thanks to the character who actually got Dhuum'd  for this video life: The Blade Singer (R.I.P.... stupid fucking bot'er)
This second one isnt an artists representation, its the literal event, its not as entertaining aesthetically as such, but read the chats, i mean; WTF would u be saying when u saw this happen, food for thought  Wink

TYVM to the 2 members of GW Wiki who posted these last year, i think they are both worthy of recognition this year as well.

P.S., And yes the titles of this article are both deliberate Typo-O Negative references (them and Darwin who they directly referenced on their 1st album)
R.I.P Peter Steele


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Ally of Crab Powa

PostSubject: Re: The Origin of the Fluxies (Minion Apocalypse)   10/13/2012, 8:45 pm

Hahaha! The flux is annoying tho, body blocking >_<
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The Origin of the Fluxies (Minion Apocalypse)
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