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[even if u aren't a member of our Guild, u can still use this forum, if u are a register member u can add to the topics here or to start new posts regarding specific information
either way...
a fuck'el of information
which is what the idea of forums is all about
with more ppl=more info and we ALL get a better gaming experience]

***NOTE: Due to this forums format, as per the Provider, I do not have the Administrative Option to directly open to you the ability to download attachments (i.e., you cant use the links here to visit any sites listed directly from this page) since you are not a registered member. This is not my decision, it is part of forumotion's policies and is thus beyond my control. If you wish to visit any of these sites the only advise i can offer you is to write down its address and visit it from outside the site.
This has actually been changed since this forums inception so the links should all be usable by guests

Welcome to the Crab Powa forum. As a Guest of the forum you will be able to see the entire forum. You also get to see the forum for  To foster the ideology of info sharing, you CAN post in the Nicholas the Traveler section, but plz limit your posts to the relevance of the issue) which is updated weekly and, since this info, as we are all at least slightly impatient, is crucial to us all, the entire GW2 section, which u CAN also post in as well (unlike the rest of the forum, excluding the traveler section), any info we can get helps us all, especially if it's all in one place, unlike the wiki. You cannot, however, post in any of these other sections as a Guest except in the case of the Traveler section and the GW2 section. Nicholas can be a  HUGE pain in the ass to all of us and its only right that we 'gang up' on him, the bastard. This is the basis now for Guild Wars Players unity=where/how/WHY do i get this.

As a Registered Member of the Crab Powa forum almost all other boards are open to you for posting within them. An overview of these boards is listed below:

>a Help section which includes areas for seeking help and offering help to members, as well as a question and answer section for game-based queries.

>a Market Place section which lists WTB, WTS, Giving away for Free and a Price Check section

>a section devoted to PvE.

>a section for all forms of PvP.

>an Area devoted to Guild Wars and Beyond, which lists War in Kryta, Hearts of the North and Winds of Change.

The exchange of information is what this forum is used for, with the idea that a good stream of old and new information will enhance the game play of all members. If this sounds like a good situation to you please register on the forum.
The more members we have registered here the richer the information contained within the forum will be.
Thanks for your time  Very Happy


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