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 Herring Collector's Farm

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PostSubject: Herring Collector's Farm    Herring Collector's Farm  I_icon_minitime2/21/2012, 11:04 am

**see also "Bog Skale Fin" article from the list of previous Traveler farms**

The Bog Skale Fins u need to have the Herring "crafted", drop from Bog Skale Icetooth, Bog Skale Blighter and Bog Skale (of course). Below i have detailed where each type of Skale can be found, as well as their armor levels, attribute point assignment and the skills at their disposal in Normal Mode;

Bog Skale Icetooth [Level 18]
Armor 45 vs weapons, fire/lightning/earth, 75 vs cold
12 Blood Magic, 6 Soul Reaping
(Deathly Swarm, Demonic Flesh, Life Siphon)
>Nebo Terrace
>Talmark Wilderness
>Tears of the Fallen*
>Twin Serpent Lakes
>Stingray Strand

Bog Skale Blighter [Level 17]
Armor 43 vs weapons, fire/lightning/earth, 73 vs cold
13 Curses, 9 Death Magic, 12 Soul Reaping
(Chilblains, Price of Failure, Putrid Explosion, Soul Barbs)
>Scoundrel's Rise
>Stingray Strand
>Tears of the Fallen*
>The Black Curtain
[Note: Unlike Bog Skale Icetooths, Blighters attack at melee range.]

Bog Skale [Level 11]
Armor 29 vs weapons, fire/lightning/earth, 59 vs cold
11 Curses, 6 Blood Magic, 8 Soul Reaping
(Demonic Flesh, Life Siphon, Price of Failure, Soul Barbs)
>Nebo Terrace
>North Kryta Province
>Scoundrel's Rise
>Stingray Strand
>Talmark Wilderness
>Watchtower Coast

As u can see, these little bastards are basically all over Kryta proper. But regardless where they are and which type of Skale(s) u decide to farm, u can simply SoS solo them without too much effort. The SoS solo tactics here are like the more complicated ones u use against more complex mixed groups (that being... cast>bring up>move back>move back, etc. pulling ur spirits back is more to heal them than reposition them), though its no where near as difficult to do. This SoS solo works well:
>Painful Bond
>Blood Song
>Signet of Spirits
>Spirit Light (they actually will damage you, mainly with hexes, they cannot, however, place conditions on u, just hexes)[at your option u could also substitute this skill with a hex removal skill that heals or a skill like the Norn skill "Feel No Pain"]
>Armor of Unfeeling (necessary as with any SoS solo farm vs anything above level 10)
>Summon Spirits (using ur highest Luxon or Kurzick rank if u have the skill from both factions )

Though there are several good locations for farming Bog Skale Fins, the best place to farm them is in Tears of the Fallen, which is almost entirely populated by Skale Icetooth and Skale Blighters. To get there Leave from Fisherman's Haven into Stingray Strand, proceed north following the coast line to the gate for Tears of the Fallen, along the way u will first encounter 2 small groups of Skale , each group will, occasionally, have a Lightning Drake with it as well. After which you will encounter an Oakheart with a Large Spined Aloe pop-up, followed by a group of Skale, also occasionally having a Lightning Drake with them. The Skale encountered while making your way to the gate will be randomly mixed Skale Icetooth and Skale Blighters.

Once inside Tears of the Fallen, u will 1st have to fight a Grand Drake (there are a few of these in the area, and are the only other foes u will encounter besides the Skale, and in general are either with the Skale groups or are close enough to them that they intermingle with them during combat), then just proceed north, u will basically be blazing a circle through the area doing the outer-lying areas 1st then going into the center of the area to get what Skale remain and ending close to where u came in at. Once u have killed all the Skale by completing the circle, go into Stingray Strand via the gate u entered Tears of the Fallen through and rezone back into Tears of the Fallen until u get the 25 Bog Skale Fins u need.

All told there are 11-12 groups (depending on the intermingling between the groups) of Skale in Tears of the Fallen, containing 3-7 Skale each with a full run taking about 15-18 minutes and yielding around 7-10 Bog Skale Fins, give or take 1 or 2.

To get to Gruhn the Fisher to make the exchange for Herring for the Bog Skale Fins u have collected (u need 25 btw, to get the 5 Herring u need) leave from Riverside Province into the Twin Serpent Lakes heading north, veering to the left around the lake, she is visible shortly after that. Conveniently, Nicholas is also in the Twin Serpent Lakes. He is (from where u encounter Gruhn the Fisher) north east in the upper central section of the area.

>If u save Trophies for Nicholas for later use u will want to save any extra Bog Skale Fins u get, as he needs these not only for the crafting of Herring, but he will also be requiring actual Bog Skale Fins at a later date
>All the listed Skale also drop Half-Eaten Blobs (which are salvage items), this item is required by Imperial Chef Tian for his dessert at the annual Canthan New Year festival, an FYI depending on how far along u like to save items that have uses throughout the campaigns.
>Herring is one of the six required items to hatch the Black Moa Chick using the Incubator Kit
>Also, Herring is one of the secondary items u can use (in place of a Drake Kaboob) as per Keiran Thackeray's needs for his picnic with Gwen during the "Ebon vanguard Allies" quest for War in Kryta (remember, as with secondary items he will take up to 3 of the item and give u 3 Sacks of Random Junk in exchange).
>The Drakes (both the Lightning Drakes and the Grand Drakes) can drop Spiked Crests, which is another item Nicholas will need another week

And that's all for this weeks' Traveler Item
Good Luck & Have Fun,
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Herring Collector's Farm
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