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 The War in Kryta

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PostSubject: The War in Kryta    The War in Kryta  I_icon_minitime9/16/2011, 8:09 am

The War in Kryta is an overarching quest that guides characters through the War in Kryta. When this quest is in your log, foes in Kryta will be different and you will have access to additional optional quests. It officially begins when eligible characters speak with Murro in Lion's Arch. However, you can also be drawn into it by speaking with Lieutenant Thackeray in Ice Cliff Chasms and taking A Good Deed or by witnessing Search for Allies in Talmark Wilderness.

   Completing either Prophecies or Eye of the North (primary)
   Completing either Zinn's Task or The Knowledgeable Asura (secondary)
   Not having completed The Battle for Lion's Arch (or be with someone who has in your party)

>Find the Shining Blade Camp in Talmark Wilderness.
>Enlist the aid of the Asura. (Asuran Allies)
>Enlist the aid of the Ebon Vanguard. (Ebon Vanguard Allies)
>Defeat the Inquisitors of the White Mantle: Lashona, Bauer, and Lovisa.
>Defeat the three Mursaat to give hope to the people: Willem the Demeaning, Aily the Innocent, and Koril the Malignant.
>Locate the Shining Blade's allies, and gather them at Lion's Arch.
>Defend Lion's Arch.
>Return to Salma for your congratulatory message.

1) Take the “War in Kryta” quest from Murro in Lions Arch
2) Locate the Shining Blade camp, which you will find in the southwest corner of Talmark Wilderness (just south of the westernmost bridge across the river).
3) Complete Asuran Allies and Ebon Vanguard Allies.
4) Revisit the Shining Blade camp.
5) Take (and complete) the 3 inquisitor Wanted quests (Inquisitor Lashona, Inquisitor Bauer, and Inquisitor Lovisa) from the signpost in Lion's Arch Keep.
6) Follow and complete the storyline by going to Lion's Arch Keep and taking the quests offered by Princess Salma:
7) Riverside Assassination, A Little Help From Above, Temple of the Intolerable, Mustering a Response, and The Battle for Lion's Arch.
(NOTE: Sometimes, after accepting a quest reward, you will have to exit Lion's Arch Keep and return to progress the storyline.)

See Queen Salma for your final reward.

>It is possible to acquire this quest without owning Guild Wars Eye of the North.
>If accepted from Murro, a character can travel to Talmark Wilderness and witness Dialog 2 - Search for Allies. That character will then receive the two follow-up quests Asuran Allies and Ebon Vanguard Allies, but will not be able to complete any of them since travel to the Far Shiverpeaks is not possible.
>Even though these quests cannot be completed, there will still be a change in spawns in the areas of Kryta.
>After completing WiK's required quests, each character will earn 90,000 experience, 17,000 gold, 60 War Supplies, 23 Royal Gifts, and 7 Medals of Honor. (One can earn an additional 30 War Supplies by completing the required bounties in Hard mode.)
>During the War (including bounties and missions), Henchmen can be as low as level 10 while Peacekeeper and White Mantle foes are level 20 and above. If you have fewer than 7 heroes unlocked, consider playing in Hard mode, which raises the henchmen to a more useful Level 20.
This quest greatly reduces the amount of dialogue and rezoning required to complete the War in Kryta relative to the self-guided version.

Bug: Sometimes after listening to a dialogue in the Hall of Monuments, only the party leader's quest log is updated for the Ebon Vanguard Allies quest. Party members might see the main quest log updated, but they might still have to return individually to the HoM and the Ice Cliff Chasms to listen to the dialogue again.

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PostSubject: Getting to the Shinning Blade camp-the short way   The War in Kryta  I_icon_minitime9/16/2011, 12:01 pm

leave from Fisherman's Haven (into Stingray Strand) and go north into Tears of the Fallen, from there proceed north into the Talmark Wilderness.

You will have to go to this damn camp multiple times and this will save u ALOT of time going this way

The War in Kryta  VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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The War in Kryta
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