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PostSubject: Geode Farm   Geode Farm I_icon_minitime5/12/2014, 6:49 am

NOTE: This is a combination of the earlier Geode farm post listed by Wombat and myself

This is a very simple farm, the entire thing takes about 15 minutes and with any luck u can get all the geodes un need (that's 5) in a single run.

>I myself did 4 runs and got 15 total 5,1,6,3) and they are selling for from 1.5k-3k each depending at this time so they may be profitable to farm, if u are so inclined.
>On average 1 run takes about 15 minutes or less depending on how often the Beatles get the better of u and u die.
>There are a total of 6 groups of Beatles in a run with 4-5 Beatles per group and most of them will be Rain Beatles.
>The Beatles in the area of Garden of Seborhin are the ones detailed here, they are all level 20, in some other areas the Rain Beatles will be level 24

Normally i would say just SoS solo these Beatles, however there is an issue with this.
The issue is that the Rain Beatles are rangers with Troll Unguent and Escape as their elite making them difficult to hit with physical attacks-such as your spirits attacks (they also use D-Shot btw).
The Rock Beatles are earth elementalists and ofc they use Aura of Restoration but also use Armor of earth making them also able to heal themselves and given their high armor due to Armor of Earth they are also little pains in the ass.
However they are still just as vulnerable to hex degeneration and conditions. So you may want to use a degen mesmer or a degen necromancer, or at least use a summoning stone that summons a mesmer, such as a Celestial Rooster.

Leave from the North exit of Tihark Orchard into the Forum Highlands, then go directly into Garden of Seborhin.
Once there go east (north east by default actually), u could get the shrine bonus if u like but since the object in this area is to AVOID the Djinn and Roaring Ethers, there is no point in it.
The 1st group of foes u encounter will be a group of 4 Enchanted Brambles (dervishes with Ebon Dust Aura) and a single Whistling Thornbush (a paragon). If u are using an SoS u hopefully brought Shadow Song and Disenchantment with you, since the dervish are nothing once they are disenchanted and blind. It is important to note that if u just try to bypass this group they will flank u from the rear when u are engaged with Beatles and then u are in major trouble.
After those foes u get to the Beatles. Move slowly along the course- the second and third Beatle groups are pop-ups
and it isnt always the exact same spot that they pop-up. They also like to pop-up when u are already engaged with another group of 5 Beatles, now u may have up to 10 at a time to deal with....which is not a good thing.
The final 2 Beatle groups have wide patrols and will move among the Djinn and Roaring Ethers, if u wish its simple enough to stage an ambush for them away from the Elementals and pull them back into a spirit trap.
Also remember that there are Djinn and Roaring Ether in the area, if u aggro them even just their group u will be dead almost assuredly.
Btw if u are using SoS Solo use it with a ranger, this because all Beatles (and the Enchanted Brambles) do Earth damage, which rangers have +30 armor against, not including the +15 insignia that u may want to put on a set of armor if u plan to farm them for cash over the week.

ALSO (Wombats original post)
Wombat has posted an alternative area to farming the Geodes in The Mirror of Lyss. It is the only other area i found that gives u enough Beatle spawns to make it worth it from the time u enter the explorable area. Try both out and see which one works best for u, and thanks Wombat for the post

Me Miss Rosie Green Necro/Rit
Summon Ruby Djinn
Signet of Spirits (Elite)
Painful Bond
Armor of Unfeeling
Summon Spirits

Hero Monk any
Glimmer of Light (Elite)
Jamel's Gaze
Signet of Devotion
Purge Signet
Holy Haste
Heaven's Delight
Heal Area

Hero Dervish/monk Any
Heart of Fury
Heart of Holy Flame
Zealous Renewal
Avatar of Melandru (Elite)
Chilling Victory
Victorious Sweep
Eremite's Attack

So I found this simple From Mihanu Township South East Exit. Once outside go east first group 5-6 Rain Beetle's. then head south for second group keeping away from Belermoth rinse & repeat took me 7 runs to get 5 in 25mins

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Geode Farm
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