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 Truffle Farm

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PostSubject: Truffle Farm   Truffle Farm I_icon_minitime9/12/2012, 1:59 am

This weeks farm isn't too difficult, sometimes the drop rate may get low, and u may get 1 or none, other times u may get 4 in a run, it's blind luck really as a drop rate.

Truffles drop from Discord Wallows (who only appear during the quest "Discord Wallow Lyre" and don't appear in the area u will be farming), Fungal Wallows and the boss Rot Foulbelly (who will be in the area u will be farming them) in the  Echovald Forest. Truffles are also required by Imperial Chef Tian for his dessert at the annual Canthan New Year festival.

For those most part, baring what i have listed above, u will only be farming Fungal Wallows who are necromancers with these skills; Fetid Ground, Vampiric Bite, Vampiric Gaze, Weaken Knees (elite) and Stun on Critical Hit (monster skill).
Their attributes in normal mode are; 11 Curses and 15 Blood Magic.
And their Armor Rating is 72 (vs all damage).
What's important to remember with Wallows is they can knock u down if they critical u, and since their level will be higher than yours (they are level 24) they will do so often enough that it will piss u off.
Also important to note is that their hexes cant be cast on your spirits, spirits are not affected by hexes in general. So with a little "stick and move" on your part all they can do is melee your spirits (which are unaffected by critical hits thanks to Armor of Unfeeling so they also wont be KD'd)

The SoS Solo i used this week was this;
>Painful Bond
>Blood Song
>Shadowsong (to blind archer assholes)
>Signet of Spirits  
>Mend Body and Soul (useful to remove the conditions the archers and their traps put on u)
>Armor of Unfeeling (necessary as with any SoS solo farm vs anything above level 10)
>Summon Spirits (using your highest Luxon or Kurzick rank if u have the skill from both factions)

Leave from Brauer Academy from the south east exit into Melandru's Hope.
For the entire farm u will stay in the section of Melandru's Hope that is south of the river that divides it.
Also, i recommend getting the shrine blessing, it helps vs the degen the Wallows and Dredge put on u, and  there are hexes and conditions a plenty here, which is why i used Mend Body and Soul over Spirit light in this SoS solo farm.
Generally after u are in Melandru's u will curve along the river to your left.
The groups of Dredge that don't have Wallows should be avoided as this will save u time. Basically either drop/summon spirits and then out run the dredge as they will be busy with your spirits, or just wait in safe spots and when u can move around them.
You will be moving north east along the river until u get to the huge tree that some Kurzick made into a house at the base of its trunk (u know, the tree with the big ass window at its base), from there u will head due south from the resurrection shrine that's east of the big tree. here there will be a group of Dredge that u will often (but not always) need to fight to get past (u will definitely need to kill them if u plan to take on the Wallow boss and his group), just watch for other Dredge groups with or without a Wallow moving into the combat area since these roving "2-man teams" of a Dredge and a Wallow have massive patrol areas, as does the Wallow boss.
The area here is generally where u will encounter that boss Wallow, accompanied by a boss Dredge (Nundak the Archer), u can fight them if u want, u are near a shrine so rez'ing is fast, however they are a tough group and it's easier to just avoid them, or at least just kill the Wallow boss and then flee after u see if he dropped a truffle or not and if he did have grabbed it.
And btw, Dredge also drop Dredge Incisors that the Traveler will be asking u for later.
Eventually, after going south a bit u are forced to go due west, toward Erik Lutgardis and where u started the farm, there is a group of Dredge here, just use the same tactics as above to by-pass them.
After doing this farm once or twice u will get the idea, it isn't a long farm and it isn't hard, but like i said the drop rate is unreliable.
On the bright least he is only asking for 5 Truffles Smile

Good Luck & Have Fun,

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Truffle Farm
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