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 BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard

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Boss Crab

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PostSubject: BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard   BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard I_icon_minitime5/6/2011, 1:21 am

This build is used for holding quarries in JQ. Pretty much just spread the spirits out and hex whoever comes up in your shit, the disenchant spirit is for stripping suicide bombers, and the knockdown is for casters. It's great fun watching your spirits tear apart a group of 3 or 4 trying to cap a quarry.

BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard Tdrit

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PostSubject: Re: BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard   BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard I_icon_minitime7/18/2011, 8:15 am

But what equipment are you using?
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Boss Crab

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PostSubject: Re: BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard   BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard I_icon_minitime7/18/2011, 4:13 pm

Even though the build is from an old user from an old forum we had (hence its not mine)
i can pretty much assume this.....

1st off remember that BINDING RITUALS are NOT considered spells

since u are a shrine guard this is one of the JQ builds u want to try to stay alive in, unlike the others that are cap and die, however if u can drop all ur spirits then die and respawn and go to green and do the same thing that would be best. also occasionally dropping some of the long duration spirits in the congested crossroads between purple and green is also a nice tactic.

u will need a communing staff with
+30 staff wrapping
+5 energy staff head
+15 energy/-1 energy regeneration inscription {its JQ not AB or FA so energy after the fact (regaining it) isnt as important as having it to begin with}
a high energy set (also communing)
a wand with 1/2 skill recharge all spells 10% wand wrapping and energy +15/-1 energy regeneration inscription
an offhand focus with +30 health focus core and energy +15/-1 energy regeneration inscription

as far as armor goes use a communing head wrap(+1 communing)
ur runes will be...
health +50 (or +41 if thats all u can afford)
Energy +2 (attunement) x4
[dont use any buff runes to ur abilities-u will likely need the energy more than the point-but check the spell descriptions]

for insignias use full radiant insignias

here's the full break down of ur energy pool
[base] (or when holding an item)
30 class/armor & +8 runes (x4) & +8 radiant insignia (x5)=46
[with staff]
40 base & +10 staff & +5 staff head & +15 inscription=76
[with high energy wand/focus]
40 base & +12 focus & +15 wand inscription & +15 focus inscription=88

ur total cost to cast ALL spirits=
15+25(in pvp)+25+15+5+10=95 (relax, with their casting times being as long as they are u will get about 1 energy per point of casting time to use, or about 24 energy, so u can handle the full cost all at once)
+the hex is 15 energy
if u are holding the item cast the shorter casting time spells 1st

* always remember to click back to ur staff after u die and respawn otherwise u may be in a large amount of hopeless energy trouble later if u are still alive
* switching weapons while holding an item will cause u to drop the held item

this equipment is really just a suggestion (its what i think i would use BEFORE i tried the actual build in action) so u may have to tweek it a bit

a good idea for any new pvp build u may want to try is use a pvp-only character, after all the stuff is free for them

its my suggestion that everyone have one character slot devoted to a pvp character slot, since u can try out new builds and ideas for free, then delete the character and try builds or whatever for another character class

BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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PostSubject: Re: BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard   BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard I_icon_minitime

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BUILD-JQ Shrine Guard
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