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PostSubject: Frigid Heart   Frigid Heart I_icon_minitime10/2/2012, 8:27 am

And u thought fucking Fire Imps sucked balls.  Razz

Yes, the Ice Imp groups are quite hard.
Because of their slow movement hex potential coupled with Maelstrom's damage u wont be able to solo SoS them or likely even solo them at all.
Also, Ice Imps are COLD CREATURES and they take more damage vs fire magic (likewise they take less damage vs water magic), so if u are bringing an elementalist with u, make sure its fire elementalist

There are mass mobs of ice Imps to farm in the locale listed below... large enough mobs that u could likely use a party of up to 6 and barely hurt your drop rate lol.
There are also a few smaller groups that are to your west after u face that 1st massive group, they aren't to far off the path so if u feel like it pick them off and get back to the listed path.

MAP WAS HERE but its still basically this: Go into Ice Floe from Marhan's Grotto (so u may be able to sense it out from the description of the deleted map)

Start point 1 watch out at point 2 sometimes 3-4 mobs (u may wish to take Death Penalty removal items if you have them, as I will say later, u will die....likely....sometimes).
Here, each run takes about 10 minutes and yields 3-6 Frigid Hearts per run.

Another place u can try to farm the Frigid Hearts from Ice Imps is actually in the Eye of the North
Varjar Fells (leave from Olafstead, heading north towards the lake).
There are several groups here mixed in with Elementals, Modniirs and Minotaurs
The groups are very small in general 2-4, and u can use ur Norn rank to get u some extra health
So, if u are going to try and solo them (still not with SoS) or just use ONE hero, I would try it from here.
[It is important to note that EotN is considered an expansion of Prophecies and as such is part of greater Tyria, so often not only are some of the foes the same but they also drop the same items in both campaigns. And such is the case here with Frigid Hearts and Ice Imps]

As far as what i used i took myself as a fire elementalist, 2 other fire elementalists and 2 monks and just speed spiked the fuck out of the Imps
With the fire elementalists i used:
>Fire Attunement
>Aura of Restoration
>Immolate or Flare
>Fire Storm
>Searing Flames (Elite) (though u would think it would make more sense to use Double Dragon, DON'T, especially on heroes, (they use it like shit) because u will be slowed so u cant get close enough to the Imps for them to take damage from it)
>Searing Heat
>Breath of Fire
*Unless u want to get fucking rupted by Maelstrom from 10 different foes every fucking time u try to cast a spell, u will want all the eles to use this mesmer skill (so E/Me).
Its also a good idea to put this skill on ur monks as well (Mo/Me) so they cant be rupted as well. The rest of any monk build is up to u, except u may want to bring multiple hex removals. I used this for my monks (though my skills for monks on my second account are limited):
>Dwayna's Kiss (decent heal+u have 2 ele enchants on eles so its about 100 points
>Karei's Healing Circle/Heal Area (they are heroes. they are going to fucking ball up around u)
>Healing Burst (Elite)
>Mantra of Resolve (see below)
>Protective Spirit (very helpful vs Maelstrom)
>Shielding Hands (also very helpful vs Maelstrom)
>Remove Hex (it has the fastest recharge time of hex removal monk skills (that being 8 seconds), but bring any hex removal u wish as long as u have one
>some form of a Resurrection skill (because will times anyway), i used Restore Life (since energy is an issue, Elementalists need it)

Another note is that you may be tempted to bring Mantra of Frost (also a Mesmer Inspiration spell), DON'T, this is a huge mistake unless u are running a melee party. The reason being is that it is also a STANCE, and u can only have one stance active at a time (btw, the same is true for Preparations and Weapon Spells in case u didn't know this) and if u bring it instead of Mantra of Concentration u will take less damage indeed, however the fucking Ice Imps will take none...since u will be rupted the entire time and be unable to cast anything through to fruition. But, depending on the casting times of the spells of your monks-it is feasible to bring Mantra of Frost on them instead of Mantra of Resolve (provided that practically ALL of your monks spells have less than 1 for their casting times)
And btw, take Tahlkora and Dunkoro and not Ogden when u use monks....why....because fucking Ogden, no matter what build u put on him, thinks he is Brother Mhenlo and acts accordingly, meaning he has a death wish and u are a Djinni that grants wishes (i.e., the fucker likes to die)  Razz

Good luck.
You will need it.  Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Frigid Heart   Frigid Heart I_icon_minitime10/6/2012, 9:36 am

i also understand,
that a SF SOLO sin works here.
I have heard it from 2 sources, so it has merit since i trust both of them, lol and since i dont have a pve sin (actually i just have ranger, ele, and war that arent pvp only)
i shall trust the info Smile
ty to the loonatick that sent me the specific info
(yeah, that's an inside joke)

i should have just kept my sin for farming, but whatever
Smile and Sad

>deadly paradox
>shadow form
>shroud of distress
>wastrel's worry
>arcane echo
>radiation field
>mantra of cold
>Mind Bender

shadow arts=12 + 1 + ? (1-3)
domination=11 (I think cause 11 and 12 wastrels is the same)
inspiration=as high as spare change gets it
deadly arts=gets last couple

full blessed insig
shadow arts with the +1 on helm
3x attunement
Any vigor (their dmg is all spells, another attunement means bigger pool for casting as u run up)

>+5e & ench melee weapon no req insc.
>shield is -2wE & vs cold inscription

Frigid Heart VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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Frigid Heart
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