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 Feathered Avicara Scalp

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PostSubject: Feathered Avicara Scalp   Feathered Avicara Scalp I_icon_minitime7/28/2014, 2:15 pm

For this week we have a perfect example of where the Traveler actually is NOT being the best, fast and certainly not easiest place to farm what the fuck he wants. And for the record there is no farm for Feathered Avicara Scalps listed on GW Wiki....

And this is why you have me.  Wink 

In addition to being the colorful ray of sunshine that I truly am, I am also a very curious person and hinge upon obsessive when set to a task. What this mixture means that I MUST find the absolute, very best place to farm this shit through farming this shit at all possible shit locations. They have meds for such things I am told, but I dismiss this as rubbish. Here's what my fine findings have been for the Feathered Avicara Scalps that Mr. Traveler wants this week;
First, an SoS solo build works well here, where I am about to tell you where to farm. Everyone who has read any of my posts here will know that I am fond of the SoS solo build, particularly because it can be used by any class with generally the right equipment to more or less satisfactory results.
To farm the Feathered Avicara Scalps this is the build I used (on an Elementalist btw):

>Painful Bond
>Shadow Song (Warriors and Rangers can't hit what they can't see.)
>Signet of Spirits (Elite)
>Mend Body and Soul (Preferred to Spirit Light to remove the Deep Wound condition.)
>Armor of Unfeeling (ALWAYS use this with ANY SoS Solo build when you are farming foes above the level of the spirits you are using in general to avoid critical hits against them.)
>Summon Spirits (Use the one that you have the better allegiance rank in. Simple, but you would be surprised how often people ignore this.)

And just to inform you for the shits of it, my Elementalist is uses full Survivor insignias, an Energy Storage +1 rune with Energy Storage head gear, a +50 health, three +10 health runes and a staff (Togo's Staff actually, from the Bonus Mission Pack) with a +30 health wrap, a +5 energy staff head and a "Hale and Hearty" inscription (+5^50%).
I had a 12 (10 +1 rune +1 head gear) in Energy Storage, a 12 Channeling Magic, a 6 Restoration Magic and a 6 in Communing

Avicara are mixed groups of Monks (Ardents), Warriors (Braves), Rangers (Fierces), Necromancers (Guiles) and Mesmers (Wise).
The Ardent healers really aren't all that great, they can force a Knock-Down though but only if  YOU attack Them with a weapon (their elite skill is Shield of Judgement).
The Braves can interrupt you, but you are using spirits for the most part so this doesn't really fucking matter.
The Fierces (which plurally isn't a real word) are basically watered-down Charr.
Avarica Guiles can disenchant you but since you aren't using any self-targeting enchantments (or any other enchantments for that matter)  see the Braves to see the impact this actually (doesn't) has on you They can however promote health and energy regeneration by the means of a Well spell, but Avarica like to move around a lot (and if you are kiting like you should be doing so are you) and generally don't ball up and cluster so its effect is minimal.
Avarica Wise can blind you (again, irrelevant) and ONLY YOU, since they blind you through their elite skill which is a Hex spell, thus it is wise (unlike an Avicara Wise) to remember that Hex spells don't take to spirits so all the Avicara Wise's angst will be focused on you because that skill and their other 2 skills, Phantom Pain (which is where the Deep Wound comes from) and Fragility, are Hexes.
NOTE: ALL Prophecies Tengu are especially Vulnerable to Lightning damage. Factions Tengu are NOT.

All this amounts to is "Stick and Move" tactics with your spirits using Summon Spirits to heal and change their placement. If you suck at this sort of Hit and Run approach this is as good a farm as any to "un-suck" yourself to it through practice. These are Prophecies foes. They have never seen a fucking spirit.

And now, without further delay, here's the (Normal Mode)Feathered Avicara Scalp farm, "Attyway"

Leave from Droknar's Forge into Talus Chute, directly to your left (that's west) is Avicara group 1, its a small group of 3-4 Avarica, kill them and head north (slightly northeast)to groups 2 and 3.
These are 2 large (very large) groups that are only slightly separated. If they come into contact with one another, for whatever reason, they are hostile to one another and they will attack each other. Wait for this and then stroll in with spirits and add to the mayhem. Many of the groups here are hostile toward each other, just remember, the Trolls, Avarica and Grawl all have one thing in common; they are all Hostile toward YOU.  Laughing 
On a similar note: some of these groups may be smaller than I have listed them to be or simply not be there at all. This (I am assuming) is again because of the level of hostility between the denizens of this area added to their wide patrol areas. Which makes for encounters between them. Nasty, nasty encounters.
Anyway, moving on.
Continue north from here to another small group (of 4 Avacara). Easy enough. If not there are Ice Imps to your east. If you see them you are going the wrong way and are likely going to be very dead if you run afoul of the Imps.
Group 5 is small and is close to group 6 (which is not so small) so pull them away from them and deal with them separately.
Now there is a "fork" in your route due west or north. Be careful here since there is a group of Avacara in the north(group 7) with a very wide patrol pattern (many of the foes here do patrol large areas) and can swoop down (up, whatever) upon you while you are dealing with group 6. Yes. I found this out the hard way.
When you finish with group 6 move north on the fork (there are Avarica further over to the west/northwest, but you will be able to encounter them later along your route.) to encounter group 7 (assuming you didn't already have the pleasure of meeting them).
From group 7 you can meet group 8. The group itself (and group 9) are along this southward path that runs parallel to the north path you were just on.
You should be able to see groups 10 and 11 from where you are after group9. Group 10 is small sized (3) while group 11 isn't AND they are slightly mingled with the Grawl in the area so pull them away from them. There is also a Grawl boss among the Grawl. If you don't or can't separate them and have to face both of them remember to save any Intricate Grawl Necklaces they drop. The Traveler asks for them later. Mountain Troll Tusks from the Mountain Trolls in the area are also on Nick's list, so are Frigid Hearts for that matter, which drop from the Ice Imps in Talus Chute and Icy Lodestones from the Ice Golems here. However, if you are fucking with these foes you are waaaaaaaaaaay off base from where you should be and also likely have a -60 death penalty atm.  Laughing 
Now head back the way you came (you will be moving south now), as it curves toward the west (above, north, of the "fork") you will see group 12.
Now, onto groups 13 and 14, both are small (3 Avarica each). From group 12's position follow the path north staying on the inside (along the west side is what I mean) and the path will turn and curve south to these 2 groups.
After them is the 15th group which is the last to the farm. It's also a small group.

A run takes about 35-45 minutes (depending on whether or not you die and how many times you die and also how much energy you have to work with, if u need to stop at times to rebuild it) and yields an about 14 Feathered Avarica Scalps per run (I did 3 runs and got 10, 13 and 18=41=13.666 per run on average).

cya laterz,

One more note;
Throughout this post I have inconsistently spelled "Avicara" wrong, switching the letters around (Aviraca or Avacira or whatever). In any event... No. No I am not going to fix it. You know what I am saying.  Surprised

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Feathered Avicara Scalp
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