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 Mursaat Token

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PostSubject: Mursaat Token   Mursaat Token I_icon_minitime6/21/2012, 11:37 pm

NOTE: Mursaat Tokens do not just from Mursaat btw, the Tokens also drop from Jade constructs, as well as from The Ether Seals in the Ring of Fire Islands.

Semi-easy one for the week....
well, provided u have at least one toon with "Infused" Armor
Let's discuss "Spectral Agony"...
ALL Mursaat and Jade Constructs carry this skill, its description is;
Skill. (5 seconds.) Target foe has -1...30 Health degeneration; moves, attacks, and uses skills 80% slower; and loses 3...81 Health each second.
>Mursaat use this skill as often as its recharge allows. It causes the same amount of damage regardless of the level of the caster.
>Jade constructs do not activate Spectral Agony directly. Instead, the effect is automatically applied if they deal damage to a character.
>Any health loss caused by the skill counts as damage and triggers relevant enchantments, weapon spells, and other effects.
>Skills such as Spirit Bond, Seed of Life, and Protective Spirit are especially useful if you have party members that are not infused.
>The Health Loss effect remains even when a party member has been resurrected.

See how bad all that could just suck.

So here is what "Infusion" does to reduce the effects of Spectral Agony
# of infused armor pieces
0=-30 health degen/sec,100 dmg/sec(600 total damage)
1=-13 degen, 42 d/s, 310 total
2= -9 degen, 29 d/s, 235 total
3= -7 degen, 22 d/s, 180 total
4= -5 degen, 16 d/s, 130 total
5= -3 degen, 9 d/s, 75 total
(NOTE that the total damage reflects both the health degeneration as well as the damage per second ALSO note the the total health degeneration that can accumulate on anything in the game (through Spectral Agony or through Conditions and Hexes COMBINED) is -10 (in other words; The game caps health degeneration at -10; any degeneration beyond -10 hinders health regeneration, but does not result in additional loss of health.
>Infusion also reduces the slowing caused by the skill, similarly to the amount of damage and degeneration reduction.
>Heroes are always infused (as Fully Infused).
>Pets are always infused (as Fully Infused).
>Henchmen are infused (Fully) except in the following situations that might involve Mursaat or Jade constructs:
1) During Ice Caves of Sorrow.
2) During the Iron Mines of Moladune, they are not infused until you bring the Spectral Essence to the Seer.
3) In the Frozen Forest and Ice Floe, unless you brought them from Marhan's Grotto or Thunderhead Keep.

Fortunately since the June 8, 2005 update you only have to take the Spectral Essence to the Seer once per set of armor to be infused, instead of the once per each piece prior to that update.
that must have fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkin' suuuuuuuuuucked Razz

Where you can farm the Mursaat Tokens
Basically, anyone who has gotten so far in Prophecies knows that at a point the Mursaat and Jade Constructs are virtually everywhere. So as far as "where" to farm one place is just as good as any other. Besides the Explorable Areas of the "Territories" listed below, the missions in these "Territories" are also full of Mursaat and Jade Constructs.
I would recommend just farming them in Ice Flow, since that's where the Traveler is anyway

War in Kryta*
Jade Armor
Jade Bow

Mursaat Elementalist (Air)
Mursaat Mesmer (Domination)
Mursaat Monk (Protection)
Mursaat Necromancer (Blood)

Southern Shiverpeaks
Jade Armor
Jade Bow

Mursaat Elementalist (Air)
Mursaat Mesmer (Domination)
Mursaat Monk (Protection)
Mursaat Necromancer (Blood)

Ring of Fire Islands
Ether Seal
Jade Armor
Jade Bow

Mursaat Elementalist (Air)
Mursaat Mesmer (Domination)
Mursaat Monk (Protection)
Mursaat Necromancer (Blood)
Mursaat Guardian

NOTES on Mursaat
>The Mursaat Guardians are found only at the end of the Abaddon's Mouth mission. There are four types of Mursaat Guardians, each with a different profession, i.e., Elementalist, Necromancer, Monk or Mesmer, and each is simply the same Mursaat of its correspondingly random generated profession, including the same skill bar and levels.
>Mursaat are always Level 24 in normal mode and Level 26 in hard mode
>Mursaat have the same skill bars in Prophecies and War in Kryta, as well as the same Armor Ratings (71 vs all damage types for ALL Mursaat)

NOTES on Jade Constructs
>Like most constructs, Jade Constructs are not fleshy, so they are immune to Bleeding, Disease, and Poison and do not leave exploitable corpses.
>Jade Constructs are always Level 24 in normal mode and Level 26 in hard mode

NOTES on Ether Seals
>Ether Seals are always Level 24 in normal mode and Level 26 in hard mode
>The targeting point for the seal is a few steps away from its visible sigil. The sigil will rotate around the target point to face its own target.
>Ironically, Ether Seals can be knocked down, which will interrupt their casting.
>Between casting spells, they will spit balls of energy at their opponent. This attack has a longbow range.
>They have a constant health regeneration. The tower Seals can easily out-regen many "throw a few spells, retreat for energy" tactics.
>Ether Seals have Natural Resistance (=This skill halves the duration of conditions and hexes applied to the creature which uses it. And this skill is an always active, unseen buff; it cannot be prevented or disabled.)
Natural Resistance can be turned against the user by utilizing effects that trigger when a hex or condition ends:
Wastrel's Worry will deal damage after only 1 second due to rounding, making it very effective against foes using Natural Resistance.
Fragility triggers more frequently.

and BTW
...if you choose to farm the Jade constructs (and by default the Mursaat) in War in Kryta instead of in Prophecies you may want to rethink that decision.
See the note on that below...

NOTES on the differences between Prophecies Jade Constructs and War in Kryta Jade Constructs
>Jade bows in War in Kryta have EXCEEDINGLY better skills then the one in Prophecies, and there are 3 different skill bars that they can have in War in Kryta. They also have a much better Armor Rating (111 vs weapons/91 vs elements in Prophecies as opposed to 140 vs everything in War in Kryta)
>The same is true of Jade Armors, except they have 4 different skill bars (all are for Hammers) in War in Kryta and their Armor Ratings are 111 vs weapons/91 vs elements in Prophecies and are 148 vs weapons 140 vs elements in War in Kryta)
>Jade Bows in Prophecies always use Hornbows (=10%armor penetration, but a slow rate of fire and a medium flight time). The Jade Bows in War in Kryta use the Adjudicator, a Recurve Bow (=15^50,+1 Marksmanship, +33% Poison Duration, with a medium rate of fire and the fastest flight time (i.e, they will rupt the fuck out of u), but it is short range)
>Unlike in Prophecies, the Jade Bows and Jade Armors in War in Kryta have Natural Resistance (just as the Ether Seals do in Prophecies, for a concise description of the Natural Resistance skill, see "NOTES on Ether Seals" above)

Solo Build Thoughts
>ROFLMAO, i have tried this before, don't be the stupid fool that i am, DO NOT try to use an SoS solo build vs a group of Mursaat/Jade Constructs. If spirits could shit their pants in this situation, they would, and so will u, since releasing your bowls is the 1st thing a person does when they DIE pale
>The various Shadow Form Assassin builds should work very well vs a group of Mursaat/Jade Constructs.
Unfortunately i don't HAVE a PvE Sin, so i can't actually tell u with all certainty. No
>Vow Of Silence Dervish should also do well vs a group of Mursaat/Jade Constructs, since ALL Mursaat are casters and thru the Dervish's second class or its own, they should be able to develop a build that can also bloch the bow and hammer attacks of the Jade Constructs.
(*sigh*) Again, unfortunately i don't HAVE a PvE Dervish, so, again, i can't actually tell u with all certainty. No
>The 55 Necro build may also work here...but...yep u guessed it. No No PvE Necro either.
>However, i DO have a PvE Monk and could use a Spell Breaker build with the same weapon defense skill ideas as the Dervish idea above or the 600 Monk or the 55 monk builds. Hmm....maybe... scratch

By now probably see where i am going with this
If u don't i will spell it out for you...


And so,
in the end i just decided to do the 1st part of Abaddon's Mouth mission (the 1st part being ALL Mursaat) and with Vizier Khilbron's Chimera of Intensity ENCHANTMENT spell on me (+50% IMS, skills recharge 50% faster and cost 50% less energy) it didnt take too long to get the 15 Mursaat Tokens i needed
Despite the party of 6 i was using...
Attila= Splinter Barrage Ranger
Chan Rit=SoS
Comm Rit=Signet of Ghostly Might
Heal Monk=Unyielding Aura
Dom Mes=Panic
Ill Mes=Shared Burden

Sometimes it's just faster to cheat

And that's that for the week

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PostSubject: Re: Mursaat Token   Mursaat Token I_icon_minitime6/23/2012, 4:58 pm

Sweet! I cba to farm items for Nicholas the Traveler anymore, though.
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Mursaat Token
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