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 Forum Rules

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Boss Crab

PostSubject: Forum Rules   5/5/2011, 12:12 pm

Freedom of Speech

As far as what can be said here its simple:
A) NO sexist remarks or outright slurs
B) NO racial slurs
C) NO anti-nationality or anti-religious remarks

Now, obviously jokes and other well intended speak are going to fall into those categories at times, and thats ok, its when people start getting offended that there's a problem. For example, and i'll use me, I'm American. And i always say that there is 1 phrase in english that everyone in the world knows even if they speak no english...Fucking Americans. Now thats a joke, does it offend me, no (it happens to be true, lol). But constant 'Amera Bashing', that might. And in all honesty i dont care if you actually are a racist, sexist, universal hater...i really dont, just keep it out the general sections and shoutbox. You can PM other members who feel as you do, it doesnt, however, have any place in the general sections and shoutbox.
On the upside you can say shit, fuck, ass, piss or whatever to your hearts content in the general sections and shoutbox. Just dont go overboard with the uber-foulness, lol, just be generally respectful.

Shut the Fuck Up

Dont be a fucking BEGGAR....No one likes beggars
As far as this rule goes I'm going to define begging as: asking for things without offering anything in return, or offering something that is unacceptable in return (like offering 500 gold for a 5k sword...cuz you say you are 'broke', and 'come on man i really need it'). Thats just bullshit, and yes thats begging. We all have to go out and get our cash and items and most of us do just that, and get bored out of our minds farming things like fucking feathers in Jaya Bluffs in NM.
Now things like loans and all that are acceptable because thats a personal agreement between 2 people. It isnt spammed across guild chat 50 times til someone gives you money so you just shut the fuck up.
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Forum Rules
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