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PostSubject: Mahgo Claw   Mahgo Claw I_icon_minitime1/23/2012, 1:45 pm

Well, with the exception of the Fissure of Woe, there is only one place to get Mahgo Hydra Claws, and that is in the Ring of Fire island chain. There is only one explorable area there, which is Perdition Rock, which u can only get to from leaving Ember Light Camp
So take a guess where u will be farming them lol
In light of that revelation, this weeks Traveler post will only need to detail builds for the farm.
What i have come up with for this week makes this farm surprisingly easy, its not solo, but its no where near a full party either. So....

....forget what you know
and read below.....

It's like Togo used to say..... "When in doubt, spirit spam the fucks"

Protagonist (that's you btw  Very Happy )
(Channeling=12, Communing=6, I used a ranger with a 15 in Expertise)
>Painful Bond
>Signet of Spirits
>Armor of Unfeeling
>Spirit Syphon
>Summon Spirits

#1=Ritualist/None (SoGM)
(Communing=16, Spawning Power=13, note these are final attribute scores after runes) With Symbolic Celerity the only real attribute that maters is your Fast Casting, but, this is a hero, so better safe than sorry)
>Signet of Ghostly Might
>Armor of Unfeeling
>Vital Weapon
>Boon of Creation

#2=Ritualist/Necromancer (ST/MM)
(Death Magic=12, Communing=10, Spawning Power=12, again note that these are final scores)
>Soul Twisting
>Armor of Unfeeling
>Animate Bone Minions
>Verata's Aura (may need to be micromanaged at times)
>Boon of Creation
Here is the answer to the fucking Flesh Golem minion bullshit

#3=Monk/Mesmer (UA)
(Divine Favor=14, Healing Prayers=11, Inspiration Magic=8, final scores)
>Signet of Rejuvenation
>Dwayna's Kiss
>Unyielding Aura
>Divine Healing
>Heaven's Delight
>Leech Signet
>Power Drain
>Deny Hexes

With the exception of the beginning, where u will be fighting the groups around the circle, u will be sticking to the southern coast (go right from the exit). You can simply cut out around the 1st set of bosses (just dont aggro them later)  and when u reach the 2nd group of bosses the farm is over. Resign.

And no....
you DO NOT have to pussy-foot around with the enemy groups and watch your aggro.
It's safe enough (usually) to just go at them head-long from the beginning.
You have enough cannon fodder and fire power and defensive fortitude on the map to be able to send multiple groups of Flesh Golems and Mahgo Hydras and their Phantom butt-buddies straight to Hades.
....that is as long as you can keep the majority of them Dazed with Technobabble.
If you have one, I recommend using a Silencing spear or the Silent mod from a bow or dagger, it will increase the duration of Technobabble to almost 7 seconds (from 5 seconds) and that spells recharge is only 10, so u can have the befuddled almost 70% of the time.
That's right;
Fuck you Meteor Shower.

For the most part Mahgo Hydras will be mixed in Flesh Golems, alternating between one and the the other.
Sadly, u will still only get about 1-2 per run (at most and if that) and each run takes about 6 minutes

And that's that,
Good Luck/Have Fun,

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