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 Roaring Ether Claw

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PostSubject: Roaring Ether Claw   Roaring Ether Claw I_icon_minitime5/16/2012, 9:36 pm

For this farm u can forget SoS solo, with as much burning, energy drain and interruption that goes on u will need something more... straight-forward.
I have listed 3 ways for you to get your Claws. All of them consist of farming the same area (The Mirror of Lyss) and use Shadow Form builds, however all 3 have a different approach to the farm itself

...This is the way to kill them ALL
I used a Shadow Form Monk:
Smiting Prayers=12+1+3
Shadow Arts=12
Protection Prayers=3 (+1 if u want)
Weapons=Sword (or Axe) with a +5 energy inscription (martial) and an Enchantments last 20% longer (why not a spear? because u need to be on top of your foes, not at a range for the build below to work)
You may also want to have a Smiting Prayers staff with Enchantments last 20% longer, a +5 energy staff head and a +5 energy inscription ("Have Faith" (+5 energy while enchanted) is best here, but a "Hale and Hearty" (+5 energy while health is above 50%)will work somewhat if its all u have)
Shield=+45 health while enchanted, received physical damage -2 while enchanted (inscription)
1) Balthazar's Spirit
2) Shroud of Distress
3) Deadly Paradox
4) Dismiss Condition
5) Shadow Form
6) Balthazar's Aura
7) Kirin's Wraith
Eight) Symbol of Wraith
[yes, i wrote "eight)", because 8+)=Cool ...fucking emotes] Smile
This build is very similar to a Vaettir farm (btw, tyvm Loonatick from gw auctions for that build).
The reason Dismiss Condition is used (in Vaettir farming Way of Perfection is used since it is a long lasting enchantment which adds to the damage reduction given by Shadow Form) is because even though u cant be the target of enemy spells, that doesnt stop the Sapphire Djinn from removing (or by lapse of duration) their own enchantments (namely Heart of Holy (Shit) Flame) and setting your bitch ass on fire via their removal.... which is wtf will keep killing you if you cant regen above +7, which at a 12 Shadow Arts you cant through Shroud of Distress.

You will be farming in the Mirror of Lyss (which, btw, has 5 chests in it always, so if u are interested, bring lock picks or Vabbian keys, Vabbian chests are considered to be high-end for those seeking Treasure Hunter title points).
Here the Ethers are levels 20 or 24 in NM, unlike everywhere else where they are just level 24. And why is this important?... Because level 20 Ethers dont have a rez signet, and hence its faster since u have less ressurrected Ethers to be fucking with. And since rez'd Ethers dont drop anything the second time around why the fuck would u want to fuck with them?
cyclops  Moving right along....
Leave from Dzagonur Bastion into the Mirror of Lyss and get the bounty from the Whsipers Informant guy vs Elementals, which also gives Light Bringer points and not Sunspear points.
Cast Balthazar's Spirit here, it will be with u through the entire farm (just make sure u cast it on YOU and not the Informant...yes, i made that error myself  Evil or Very Mad )
The groups here are 2-4 Ethers with 1-2 Djinn generally, regardless it will be a group of 4 foes.
Head west 1st to group 1, cast Shroud, Paradox and SF and approach the group (that is to say, an Ether, not a Djinn) as if attacking with your sword or axe (not as if really, u will be hitting an Ether, just doing no real damage to it) then hit your last 3 damage skills while they are balled up around u (here switching to your staff (if u brought one) its HSR 20% helps to get a faster recharge, 1 time out of 5 anyway)
Pretty much do this with all the groups, keeping SF up at all times as well as Shroud, and using Dismiss Condition when u are aflame, afire or what ever u may call ur butt a-burning  Razz

...But it is not the only way
I'm not going to lie; farming the Claws this way fully makes for a sloooooooooow farm, one thing that can speed it up is avoiding any group that has more than 1 Sapphire Djinn (or even Ruby Djinn). These groups take the longest, they dont drop what u need (they do drop Sapphire (or Ruby) Djinn Essence though, which Nick will ask for later) and this is most likely where u will die if u die, within a group of 2 of these assholes. Also, hitting them while they are Balled helps expedite things.

...And there is another way
This way doesnt rely on your Smiting Prayers to do damage or at all actually. It relies on the use of conditions to kill the Ethers as the Ethers in Nightfall are "Fleshy" creatures unlike the Ethers in EotN which are not.
It can be used by any primary class as long as their secondary class is an Assassin
It concentrates solely on killing the Ethers in each group and after that u simply run from any Djinn in the group and simply dont try and dont bother to kill them.
You will de at times, alot with the 2 Djinn groups, but u could just simply leave those groups alone.
This way is the fastest without a doubt.
Shadow Arts=12
(I am using a Ranger for this build so I used(I am using a Ranger for this build so I used Wilderness Survival=12+2 and Experise=3)
1) Low Blow (a Deldrimor adrenaline skill that causes Bleeding)
2) Signet of Infection (an Ebon Vanguard signet that causes Diesease to bleeding foes)
3) a Poison skill, i used Poison Tip Signet (if your primary class doesnt have a poison skill u can use Viper's Defense which is a Shadow Arts skill thats cheap and fast recharging)
4) Tryptophan Signet (another Ebon Vanguard signet that will slow the attacks of Sapphire Djinn and also help you to run away from the combat with them once all the Ethers of a group have been slain)
5) Shroud of Distress
6)Deadly Paradox
7) Shadow Form
VII) some form of an additional heal, when in doubt u can always use Shadow Refuge (I used Troll Unguent)
The plan with this build here is to kill Ethers using conditions, btw get the level 24 ethers 1st and stay on the same one if there are more than one level 24, that way u kill it and the other level 24 rez's it and uses its rez so it cant use it again and u are killing (for the 2nd time) the one ether who still ha a rez). After all the ethers are dead use Tryptophan and jut outrun the Djinn... its just that simple. And if u die btw it will likely only be vs 1-2 Sapphire Djinn, and if u do this right u wont die...maybe.

The Groups
Group 1=due west from shrine
Group 2=continue west from group 1 and the south around the large rock formation
Group 3=from group 2 cling to the north wall and head southwest
Group 4 and Group 5=from group 3 southeast then east toward the [Merchant] and other NPCs, u will see 2 groups, group 4 directly in front of u and group 5to your left (north). To the south is a Plant group, do with them as u wish.
Group 6=is above (north of) group 5. and basically brings u back around full circle to where u started at.
Group 7=is below group 4. You will want to cling to the eastern wall behind group 4 to avoid the plants below group 4, that is, unless u killed them too.
(u killer you  albino )
Cling to the wall and move south and there they are.
Group 8=still moving south along the wall from group 7, turning southwest then west is group 8
Group 9=from group 8 go south-southeast to group 9. There will be more Plants to the west, same deal, do with them as u wish as it doesnt matter as its the end of the farm

Another VERY VERY VERY important note is that the Ethers also can ("can", but usually fucking dont) drop Roaring Ether Hearts which Nick will also be asking for later. They rarely drop these, they arent supposed to be any less common than the other things they drop (says wiki), but they are (says the ppl who commented on that same wiki page for the Hearts).

And thats all for the damn Roaring Ether Claw farm,
hope it helps.

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Roaring Ether Claw
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