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 Gold Crimson Skull Coin

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PostSubject: Gold Crimson Skull Coin   8/24/2012, 2:50 pm

Here is the info on Wiki on Gold Crimson Skull Coins (Edited):
Starting from Zen Daijun, head west by northwest up to the Crimson Skull camp near the sea.
You can evade all foes except for some Crimson Skull on the route... but if u do this u will miss the lower-level Crimson Skull gang members dwho rop Copper Crimson Skull Coins which Nick will need later so u may as well start collecting them now.
At the camp, four high level Crimson Skull reside, together with Miki the Skull Spirit who doesn't drop Gold Crimson Skull Coins (no, she doesn't, but the bitch will drop Silver ones...some leader huh No). This run will also return some Silver Crimson Skull Coins (which are only good to salvage into Iron) and Copper Crimson Skull Coins. Having The Captured Son active will vastly improve spawns of all levels of Crimson Skulls though it makes farming a bit more difficult.

And this works well enough Very Happy

I used a modified SoS Solo build on an actual Ritualist as listed below;
Death Magic=12
Channeling=8+1+3 (12)
Communing=5+1 (6)
Spawning Power=9+1 (10)
>Painful Bond
>Signet of Spirits
>Animate Bone Minions
>Spirit's Gift*/**
>Boon of Creation
>Summon Spirits
*You wont need Armor of Unfeeling (like i usually always tell u to have with SoS Solo) in this farm, assuming u are Rit/Necro and not Necro/Rit
**Optionally, u can sub-out Spirit's Gift for Drunken Master (with or without alcohol) if u feel u are up to it

Each run took approximately 15 minutes (this assumes u kill ALL the Crimson Skull in the Lagoon and surrounding area and u don't have The Captured Son active) and yields 1-2 Gold Crimson Skull Coin per run as well as 3-6 Copper ones.
If u use a consumable IMS, like a Birthday Cupcake, like i did, u can get a +25% movement speed which reduces the farm's time to around 12 minutes.
If u just want to run to the Crimson Skull base past Linkei Township and kill the ones there (this route is more north by northwest), since it's just those 4 high-level Crimson Skulls that drop the coins anyway, u can drop a runs time down to about 6 minutes (with an IMS). Just be sure to kill the 2-3 Crimson Skull (and 3 Naga if they are there) at the lower end before the actual base to get a few minions to start the battle with
As i said, 6 minutes... but, as most of u know, drop rates are higher the more time u spend in an area, as well as being higher the more foes that u have killed in an area thus far. So u may cut ur drop rate in 1/2, but at the same time u are cutting this week's farm time down to 1/2.
A tough decision, and one we each must make for ourselves  tongue  

Also if u happen to kill any Naga along the way, their Naga Pelts (PELTS-not Hides), while not being a Traveler Item (though Naga Hides are), are used in the Naga Oil Quest given by the Emperor's Hand in Raisu Pavilion which gives 3000 experience upon completion.

Ah, the good ole days
when i was a Naga Farmer on my ranger and using fucking minions, because Attila (hence my name "Atty") was my only character
and i sold Naga pelts for 800 gold each
as my sole source of income
so many years ago
and so much a noob i was
and i would join parties doing Cap Son for free
cuz, back then,
i really, really, really fucking hated those guys
but to this day, i still so love the background music in this area...takes me back Smile Sad

And that's all or this week,

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Gold Crimson Skull Coin
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