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PostSubject: Gold Doubloon   Gold Doubloon I_icon_minitime12/18/2012, 11:44 am

Gold Doubloons drop from Higher-level Corsairs in Kourna. Below is a list of the actual Corsairs that drop them (also note that Corsair Boss-Types will also drop Gold Doubloons at times depending on WHO the boss or boss-like Corsair is).

Explorable Areas:
Barbarous Shore
Marga Coast
The Floodplain of Mahnkelon
Moddok Crevice
Dajkah Inlet (this is actually a Challenge Mission; see below)
Corsair Weapons Master
Corsair Doctor (doesn't spawn in The Floodplain of Mahnkelon)
Corsair Torturer (doesn't spawn in Moddok Crevice)
Corsair Mind Reader (doesn't spawn in Moddok Crevice)
Corsair Wind Master
Corsair Admiral

These Corsairs are also mixed in with the ones that drop Silver Bullion Coins which Nicholas has already asked for, so just salvage any Silver Bullion Coins (they salvage into 2 Iron Ingots each).

Wiki's Advise to farm Gold Doubloons...
I have farmed Barbarous Shore for these. Start by going to the left, then through the cave, and then clear the rest. You will get an average of 3-4 gold doubloons per run.....
Of course,
I have my own advise for the farm here. Twisted Evil
>I believe what the Wiki author is trying to say here is go due EAST leaving from Camp Hojanu into Barbarous Shore. You will have to fight or by-pass (by dropping spirits and/or such) a group of Heket with a healer, then after that proceed to the eastern resurrection shrine, then start going on a southern trend along the river's shore line. Don't actually cross the river, there aren't any Corsairs over there. For the most part you can simply follow the river bank south, that's the extent of most of the Corsairs in this EA, and it is a fair amount.
I used a SoS Solo Build for this area's farm, unfortunately, since the Corsairs are in rather large and over lapping groups the further south you go, it became impossible for me to continue with that build and clear them all. I made it to the large groups near the 3 collectors.
So for the Barbarous Shore...
I did 1 Run
Run Time: 30 minutes
Gold Doubloons per run:3

Next I address the Marga Coast. Don't waste your time here. Wiki seems to have confused the word "Corsair" with the word "Kornan", and that goes for whatever direction you enter the area from.

And the last explorable area where they are in is The Floodplain of Mahnkelon. A quick thing to note is that Corsair Doctors don't spawn here. From Kodonur Crossroads you have one group of Corsairs...then a bunch of (I spy something with my little eye beginning with the letter "H") Hekets...then another bunch...and another bunch.... From Rilohn Refuge you get Ntouka critters, Drakes and (I spy something with my little eye beginning with the letter "M")...more Hekets.... and from Moddok Crevice you get Drakes and Kourans (well, at least I didn't spy something with my little eye beginning with the letter "E", that being EVEN more Hekets). This is a good, fast place to farm Chunks of Drake Flesh though, but I am not farming Chunks of Drake Flesh so it's all rather useless to me at the moment Wink

As far as the missions go....
After speaking with Unlucky Simon you can try to farm Gold Doubloons in the Moddok Crevice mission. Corsair Torturers and Corsair Mind Readers do not spawn during this mission by the way, not that it matters, the mission is getting betrayed then fighting bugs and Mandragor bugs and then chasing corsairs....too much hassle for a solo farm, which you can't do anyway because fucking Dunkoro needs to be in your party.

Technically, this is the ONLY mission with the correct Corsairs in it. Wiki also lists Dajkah Inlet as a mission but in fact, it's a Challenge. And that Challenge is listed below for the purpose of farming Gold Doubloons....
The Dajkah Inlet can be used to farm
Gold Doubloons. Of course you will need an entire party to do so, so the drop rate is effectively 0. I did 2 runs there and didn't get any Doubloons, I did however get 2 Daily High Scores (#9 with 107 points and #4 with 122 points) and 3 Stolen Sunspear Armor, Razz which drop from the Guild Lords there.
But just in case you decide to farm Gold Doubloons and, as a by-product, also farm Stolen Sunspear Armor, I will leave you with some notes on farming Stolen Sunspear Armor.
However, beyond this combo (Stolen Sunspear Armor do sell for around 8k each), it really isn't worth it to farm Gold Doubloons in this Challenge.
>Guild Lords have a chance to drop Stolen Sunspear Armor which will automatically appear in one player's inventory. The chances of an armor drop are increased as you get more points, armors are also rewarded for breaking the daily or monthly record.
>There are three maps: The first with one Guild Lord, the later ones with two Guild Lords each. All Guild Lords on a map need to be killed before the portal to the next map is activated.
>On maps with two Guild Lords, one Guild Lord needs to be killed first to open up the gates of the other Guild Lord's hall (the one to kill first is always the south-western one).

It would seem that GW Wiki is right, your best bet to farm Gold Doubloons is in the Barbarous Shore as listed


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Gold Doubloon
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