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PostSubject: Skull Juju   Skull Juju I_icon_minitime8/23/2013, 12:34 pm

This how to get 2-4 gaki
2 of which are bosses
bosses that 8 times out of 10 will drop at least 1 skull juju if not 2.......
leave from Braur Academy into Draz Thicket
(u will be moving in the direction of the 2 gaki bosses)
if u are lucky the 1st group u encounter or the second group will have a single Gaki with them
these gaki rarely drop in my experience though
but still be careful
use an SoS spirit build with a self heal and target the gaki LAST
(btw if the 1st group kills u , restart, when u rez it will be within wardens, and SoS isnt set up to deal with them--if the second or later groups wipe u its fine, u will rez near where u want to go for the gaki bosses, just hug the wall to bypass the other groups)
get rid of the Warrior plant guys 1st if u can
since they target u and can KD u
the second group is actually 2 groups
kill the stone horse guys 1st, pull them
then deal with the second group
***u DO have to deal with the 1st group gaki or not
if the second groups have no gaki just run past them maybe dropping a spirit to keep them busy while u run
run down the slide and u will have a group of 3 enemies
most likely stonehorns
after them u have the 2 gaki bosses
drop u spirits a bit back then aggro the guards around the bosses with a bow or other range weapon then run to ur spirits
they will split from the bosses
kill all the guards 1st
then target one of the boss gakiand run back after u shoot him, he will then drop his spirits
then aggro him again this time he will follow u back to ur spirits
the bosses use Clamor so any new spirits u cast u should split up since Clamor is an AoE
u should kite alot....actually u should kite alot on the whole run
hiding in natural terrain, like behind the rock face near the gaki bosses, is an excellent idea.

it will take u 20-25 minutes (30 if u suck at it) to get the 5 u need

That's it,

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Skull Juju
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