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 Mandragor Root Cake

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PostSubject: Mandragor Root Cake    Mandragor Root Cake  I_icon_minitime1/18/2012, 9:14 am

I have 4 words for u regarding Mandragor Root Cake...


He is in the Great Temple of Balthazar, in the upper area, and will exchange 5 Mandragor Root Cakes for
5 Honeycombs
or 5 Wintergreen Candy Canes
or 5 Refined Jellies
or 5 Pumpkin Cookies
or 5 Rainbow Candy Canes
simple huh  cheers 

however....if u must do things the hard way
I offer the suggestions below.....

u need 3 mandragor roots to make 1 cake
and mandragors SUCK
they pop up and also have a wide patrol range
so u will likely aggro more than 1 group at a time
and u can forget about SoS solo farming them
but heres what u can do.....
try to take out a party of 4-6, yourself included
minion masters can help here
as they will give u more "allies"
spirit spammers will also help here

what i used was the Discord way necros (all 3 of them)
and xandra running wanderlust with all communing spirits
for myself i ran SoS with channeling sprits and Vampirism
(even though the character is an elementalist, they have a hindrance vs mandragors; see "notes" listed below)
i got 2-3 roots per run and a run took about 10 minutes or so

there are 2 places to farm them
1)arkjok ward
2)barbarous shore
of the 2 choices i'd say go with arkjok ward as the route is faster and there are more mandragor to farm, and besides, not everyone can get to barbarous shore

>the stone flesh mandragors are quite formidable, as they use earth magic spells to protect themselves so its a good idea to target them last and kill the other mandragors first or just bring the Disenchant spirit
>mandragor imps can disenchant u,so that will be a major handicap to elementalists
>mandragor slithers use Wild Blow, which always scores a critical hit, they also use Headbutt which also does a fair amount of damage

gl/hf which ever way u choose to do this week,

Mandragor Root Cake  VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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Mandragor Root Cake
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