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 Fibrous Mandragor Root

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PostSubject: Fibrous Mandragor Root   Fibrous Mandragor Root I_icon_minitime5/31/2014, 10:00 pm

NOTE: This is a consolidated post from an earlier post. The Authors of that post were myself (Atty) and Wombat

Hi as not every body gets solo farm this is what i do

Me Miss Rosie Green Necro/Rit
Summon Ruby Djinn
Signet of Spirits (Elite)
Painful Bond
Armor of Unfeeling
Summon Spirits

Hero Monk any
Glimmer of Light (Elite)
Jamel's Gaze
Signet of Devotion
Purge Signet
Holy Haste
Heaven's Delight
Heal Area

Hero Dervish/monk Any
Heart of Fury
Heart of Holy Flame
Zealous Renewal
Avatar of Melandru (Elite)
Chilling Victory
Victorious Sweep
Eremite's Attack

South out off Longeye ledge into Grothmar Wardowns, 7 groups of Mandragor., west of the river about 1-2 per run. Run lasts about 5min,10 in 30mins
Original Post Author: Wombat


Wombat is quite correct
it is rather difficult to do mandragors with SoS solo, it requires alot of kiting and pulling back spirits with summon spirits
and all of the madragors u will be farming can KD the shit out of you
so i do recommend doing it his way rather than SoS solo (unless u are very very good at the SoS solo-then u are used to the shit u get from critters like mandragors)

i found 7 total groups as well in the one farm i did and got exactly 10 roots (which is what u need Smile)
these Mandragors are ONLY found in Grothmor Wardows btw
the groups are all to the south when u leave Long Eyes ledge, as Wombat said, and there are 2-4 mandragors in a group, (usually 4 though)

when fighting them focus on the trappers (with ur staff attack, or whatever u are using), if u hit a trapper while he is trying to use a trap he will get rupted some of them have trappers focus, however it seems that it doesnt have a long duration with them so they can be rupted once it has expired

Heres what i used and it was still rather difficult with the groups of 4
>Painful Bond
>Shadow Song
>Signet of Spirits (Elite)
>Mend Body and Soul (this is better than Spirit Light here, due to all of the conditions the Mandragors can mass on u all at once, especially with Dust Trap)
>Armor of Unfeeling (ALWAYS use this with ANY SoS Solo)
>Summon Spirits (using ur best Kurz or Lux rank)

good luck,

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Fibrous Mandragor Root
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