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 Spirit Wood Planks

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Boss Crab

PostSubject: Spirit Wood Planks   2/6/2013, 2:42 pm

This is a simple one.
I mean its a simple choice, you can either:
a) buy them from the Rare Material Trader (til his stock runs out)
b) buy them from players (at whatever price they are currently going for)
c) farm them (ROFLMAO, if u take this route, you are a fool, but its your time to waste after all)
d) get them crafted from a [Materials] guy.

Obviously, option "d" is the best option.
So we will discuss that;
Select artisans will craft one Spiritwood Plank for 5 Wood Planks, 10 Piles of Glittering Dust and 100 gold.
And those Artisans are:

>Artisan Rudger in Ascalon Foothills
>Crafter Torgil in Deldrimor Bowl
>Artisan Orpah in Tangle Root
>Nido Shabra in The Arid Sea
>Sennat Sen in Salt Flats
>Crafter Magnor in Talus Chute
>Crafter Hagrem in Mineral Springs

>Dae Chung in Panjiang Peninsula
>Shinichiro in Seitung Harbor
>Takara Taji in Haiju Lagoon
>Xue Yi in Kaineng Center

>Matunbo in Mehtani Keys
>Lormeh in Marga Coast
>Jormar in Turai's Procession
>Itenda in Barbarous Shore
>Larmor in Wilderness of Bahdza
>Nerwar in Garden of Seborhin

(Eye of the North)
>Shanda Ginkit in Arbor Bay

all artisans are located in explorable areas, except for Shinichiro (in Seitung Harbor) and Xue Yi (in Kaineng Center), which both craft Spirit Wood Planks.
Where do you go to get the Spirit Wood Planks you need?
From those 2 fucking guys
in those 2 fucking places
in... sigh....
may as well say it...
in fucking Factions.

Ok all, good farm.... wait...

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Spirit Wood Planks
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