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PostSubject: Drake Kabob   Drake Kabob I_icon_minitime10/24/2012, 11:38 pm

Drake Kabobs are crafted like Herring from a Chef (Chef Lonbahn in Kamadan to be exact) for 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh each, which do drop from Irontooth Drakes (in Istan) and Steelfang Drakes (in Kourna).
So this article will deal with farming Chunks of Drake Flesh instead of the actual Drake Kabobs.
Wiki its quite correct (for once) on where to farm Chunks of Drake Flesh, and has thorough listings on how many there are in the areas (again, for once). So i am just going to list their findings with my own commentary.
Oh, btw, while I am thinking of it, the Drake Kabob is one of the "perfect items for Gwen and Keiran Thackeray's picnic in the Hearts of the North Guild (Wars and Beyond). Also, Chunks of Drake Flesh are "imperfect, but suitable" items for that same quest that he takes also.

I used a standard SoS Solo build to farm them;
SoS Solo build (Standard)*
>Painful Bond
>Blood Song
>Pain or Shadowsong (vs melee)
>Signet of Spirits
>Mend Body and Soul (best to use when foes you are farming use conditions) or Spirit Light (if no conditions, but miscellaneous damage or hex damage/degen)
>Armor of Unfeeling (necessary as with any SoS solo farm vs anything above level 10)
>Summon Spirits (using your highest Luxon or Kurzick rank if u have the skill from both factions)
[*Note that this is a solo build generally used for standard farming, it isn't designed to be used as part of a larger party while adventuring, though there are SoS builds that are obviously]

Mehtani Keys
First, there are 6-8 Drakes that can be easily reached usually w/o aggro'ing any other enemies (with the exception of a mandragors popup group by the 2nd Drake spot).
....This route has along it plenty of idiot groups of critters that u aren't interested in, to get to the 2 groups of Drakes. They can be avoided by dropping spirits easily. Just bring a running skill.
(Did 1 run, got 2 Chunks of Drake Flesh which is likely not typical, since i did kill a bunch of other critters earlier on, which increases drop rates)

Plains of Jarin
There are two Irontooth Drakes just east outside of Champion's Dawn (do not use AoE skills so you can avoid aggroing the nearby Juvenile Bladed Termites). Another two are outside the Astralarium.
....Yeah. Bring a running skill here too. leave from Champion's Dawn and head north, after u kill the 2 Drakes there, toward the Astralarium and kill the other 2.
(Did 1 run, got NO Chunks of Drake Flesh which is likely typical since its only 4 Drakes total)

The Floodplain of Mahnkelon
There are about six drakes outside the Moddok Crevice door (in the water, just past the shrine). If you have the Drakes on the Plain quest active, there will be two more groups just north east of the entrance to Rilohn Refuge.
....Likely your best option for farming Chunks of Drake Flesh IF you have the Drakes on the Plain quest active WHICH I do not (did it long ago). Soooooo all I can truthfully attest to is the 6 Drakes i did kill. Btw there are also a few Kournans (like 3) mixed in with them just to brighten your day....while u are on a fucking floodplain.
(Did 3 run, got 2 Chunk of Drake Flesh which is likely typical WITHOUT the Drakes on the Plain quest active, likely u could get 1 (maybe 2) more if u have it active and go after the other 2 groups).

Rilohn Refuge mission
There are two groups of four Steelfang Drakes near the beginning of the mission. (Be careful not to trigger Dehjah; if she dies too soon, you will be kicked from the mission and might miss collecting your loot.)
....Well, 1st off, u have to take fucking Whispers (hero) with u to even enter the mission. No problem, flag him at mission start. Then DO NOT RUN PAST Dehjah, talk to her or not and u will still trigger her to follow u, and she will just run along on her merry fucking way into impending death. Instead head south from start toward the Termites there (Dehjah will not follow u and thus not die and thus u dont have to waste your time with restarts and such) and drop spirits to keep them occupied so u can move past them. Then proceed to the Drakes, who are level 20 here and not level 10 like the some of the other places u may choose to farm Drake Flesh in. There is also another group past these IF u feel like fighting your way around 2 large groups of Kournans, which likely u wont.
(I did 1 run and got none, typical)

And thats it for Drakes and their flesh,
Take care till next week,

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Drake Kabob
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