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PostSubject: Bone Charm (Trophy)   Bone Charm (Trophy) I_icon_minitime4/3/2012, 9:49 am

[The reason they are listed as Bone Charm (Trophy) is because there is a Death Magic off-hand called a Bone Charm that drops in EotN and NF]

First let's talk about how to get to Nick to get your gifts once u have gotten the 15 Bone Charms u need. Here u have 3 options;
>You can do what the map on wiki says and leave from Leviathan Pits and into Gyala Hatchery (EA) and from there go into Rhea's Crater to get to Nick. The issue here is if u are one of the few who still actually farms Luxon faction, there is no Luxon Priest at the gate inside Rhea's Crater from Gyala Hatchery, so u won't be able to get faction making your way to Nick. The advantage to going this way is less foes so its faster.
>You can leave from Silent Surf into Rhea's Crater and make your way north to Nick after u get the shrine bonus. Here u will encounter multiple foes including 3-4 bosses (just watch the fucking elementalist Kappa boss with the sea Spray Dragons, he's a lil' fucker that one, and can wipe out an entire party if it balls or just isn't prepared for Shatterstone and Ride the Lightning.
>You can leave from Aurios Mines into Rhea's Crater and make your way west by northwest to Nick after u get the shrine bonus.

Boreas Seabed (explorable area)
This is actually not a bad option. It is difficult to SoS solo (since the Outcast Warriors use "Charge", so they can all outrun u, so u lose the "stick and move" option u need with successful SoS solo builds), however SF would work fine. There are 4 large groups right away (that's until the Naga in the area get to them, as a general rule, the Naga kicks their asses), that u can farm pretty quickly when u leave from Zos Shivros

Gyala Hatchery (explorable area)
This area I am gonna say isn't really worth it, even though u get help from the Luxons in the area, there are only the 3 groups, as most of the area is animated Leviathan body parts, Naga and Yeti

Maishang Hills (only during Stolen Eggs)
Don't waste your time farming this quest spawn, just pretend it isn't an option

Mount Qinkai
If u leave from Breaker Hollow u will find the only Outcast group in this area in the south, complete with its own boss. Thus, again, don't waste your time here

Rhea's Crater
This area works well, u have alot of ground to cover though (the Outcasts are in the northern and central sections, so either leave from the Aurios Mines or from Leviathan Pits going into Gyala Hatchery (EA) and then into Rhea's Crater)
there are primarily groups of 3-4 Outcasts, plus a few bosses along the way. The smaller groups give u more flexibility in your build and the SoS solo works fine here Just watch the Oni Pop-ups by the bridge(s)

Silent Surf
Leave from Leviathan Pits and after u get the blessing go to your right, and kill Scourgewind, Elder Asshole and his Wallow companions (at least kill 1 of the 2 groups of Wallows so u can get by, u wont likely make it if u just try to bypass both Wallow groups, i didn't Razz ). There are several groups of Outcasts in the north western section of this area, however they're patrol areas overlap and a group of 4 can become a group of 12 WITH a boss, there are also alot of Rockhide Dragons and Leviathan Mouths here that the Outcasts seem to prefer to attack as opposed to u. This area is a maybe for farming.

Unwaking Waters (explorable area)
This area is a definite NO unless u are doing it with a party, since u need to fight through the Shiro'ken at the start to even get to them, however there is only one shrine here so if u let the Shiro'Ken kill u u will respawn at that shrine and bypass them. Still though, there are Seaspray dragons and other foes that will get in your way when u try to kill Outcasts.

Zos Shivros Channel (Challenge)
Well, this challenge starts our fighting outcasts, and then it changes to other Jade Sea Monsters, so it is also not worth farming for Bone Charmes

The Aurios Mines (Challenge)
You really need a party with u to go messing around here, and if i remember correctly, they dont drop anything

The Deep (Elite Mission)
It's the Deep, do u really want to pay to go fucking around there Razz

Outcast Assassin (at level 22 in NM)
Armor ratings: 76 vs all damage types
Skills: Critical Defenses, Critical Eye, Dark Apostasy (elite), Exhausting Assault, Leaping Mantis Sting, Wild Strike
Items dropped
Bolt of Cloth
Bolt of Silk
Bone Charm
Jadeite Shard
Outcast Staff
Outcast Wrappings
Notes: The level 22 counterparts are encountered in most explorable areas within the Jade Sea, while the level 28 counterparts are only encountered in certain Luxon missions.

Outcast Deathhand (at level 21 in NM)
15 Blood Magic
Armor ratings: 63 vs all damage types
Skills: Chilblains, Cultist's Fervor (elite), Plague Touch, Unholy Feast, Well of Blood
Items dropped
Bolt of Cloth
Bone Charm
Jadeite Shard
Outcast Staff
Outcast Wrappings
>Outcast Deathhands typically wield swords and staves. The ones with swords have no attribute points in Swordsmanship and will deal minimal damage in melee.
>Outcast Deathhands are Level 28 in HM and also have a completely different skill set (Animate Flesh Golem (elite), Chilblains, Death Nova, Putrid Explosion, Soul Feast) and also a different chief attribute (20 Death Magic in Hard mode)
>The level 21 versions are encountered in most explorable areas within the Jade Sea, while the level 28 counterparts can only be encountered in certain Luxon missions.

Outcast Ritualist (at level 23 in NM)
0 Channeling Magic, 15 Communing, 15 Restoration Magic
Armor ratings: 69 vs all damage types
Skills: Binding Chains, Displacement, Nightmare Weapon, Vengeful Was Khanhei (elite)*, Wailing Weapon
Items dropped
Bolt of Cloth
Bolt of Silk
Bone Charm
Jadeite Shard
Outcast Staff
Outcast Wrappings
Notes: When they use their elite item spell, they drop it shortly after.
In Hard Mode: Levels go up to 26 and 30 (during HM missions). Attributes change to 16 Channeling Magic, 20 Communing, 20 Restoration Magic though their skills are unchanged.

Outcast Warrior (at level 22 in NM)
Armor ratings: 121 vs weapon damage, 101 vs elemental damage
Skills: "Charge!" (elite), Axe Rake, Dismember, Disrupting Chop, Executioner's Strike
Items dropped
Bolt of Cloth
Bone Charm
Jadeite Shard
Outcast Staff
Outcast Wrappings
Notes: Level is raised to level 26 in HM

That's all i have for this week.
Good luck, have fun and good farming,

Bone Charm (Trophy) VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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Bone Charm (Trophy)
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