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 Running Trick

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Running Trick Empty
PostSubject: Running Trick   Running Trick I_icon_minitime5/5/2011, 11:04 pm

ok here is a trick you wont find on youtube or wiki, its a secret so use it with discretion when other ppl are with you cuz mass knowledge of this trick may get it nerfed by anet if ppl use this to exploit lots of stuff. its a trick i use mainly for running especially now since Shadow Form is nerfed. get 3 monk heros or as many times as you think your gonna needed to be rezzed. and make them all healers doesnt matter which skills just fast ones and for their elite skill put in Unyielding Aura, the fastest rez in the game now flag them near the portal you leave from and run like normal. now if you die look in the view of one of your monks, now flag only ONE monk THROUGH the portal. once he steps into it he actually shadow steps to your current location and will use UA on you and heal you to full now continue running. Neat trick huh  Laughing
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Running Trick
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