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 A Good Deed/Wintersday Cheer

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Boss Crab

PostSubject: A Good Deed/Wintersday Cheer   9/16/2011, 12:55 pm

NOTE: You must have completed The Missing Vanguard to have access to this quest

>Speak with Gwen in the Hall of Monuments.
>Speak with Lieutenant Thackeray in the Eye of the North.
>Speak with Valgar Tempestcrafter, the Norn metallurgist.
>Take the family crest pendant to Lefsi Spiritchaser in Varajar Fells. Don't take Gwen with you.
>Protect Lefsi Spiritchaser while he imbues the pendant (NOTE: If Lefsi is killed, the spirits and Sarah still spawn, but the quest cannot be completed).
>Speak with Lieutenant Thackeray.
>Speak with Gwen.
>See Lieutenant Thackeray for your reward.

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A Good Deed/Wintersday Cheer
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