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 A few General Tips for Team-Based PvP

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PostSubject: A few General Tips for Team-Based PvP   7/17/2011, 2:45 pm

in most cases of PvP , you will always meet a enemy team with a monk/healer

these should be your primary target.
there are also other valuable targets like ,
Mesmer (they drain your teams energy,use empathy&backfire,and they will immobilize your casters)
Elementalist(skills to make melee useless , water trident,blurred vision,blinding surge/flash and alot more)

it is best to use classes that are overpowered(atm Derv's are a good choice)
it is a must to bring a monk/healer to your party since otherwise you will die sooner then the enemy.(in some cases this is not the case but normally it will)

PvP tactics and strategy differ between the formats, but in general, PvP differs from PvE in the following ways:

- There are no tanks — everyone in the party can expect to take damage.
- Characters with high intrinsic durability (Warriors) should generally not waste skill slots on self-survival skills
- Softer characters need some combination of good kiting skills and defensive equipment/skills.
- Mobility and positioning are far more important than in PvE.
- Most teams will have healing, and any offensive strategy must have a way to overcome it. Disabling skills, knock downs, interrupts, and skills that prevent or delay opponents from acting are stronger in PvP.
- Bull's Strike and Diversion are useless for mainstream PvE, but very strong in many PvP formats.
- A typical Guild versus Guild team may only feature two characters of eight who are primarily damage-dealers, with the rest as support.
- Long cast-time skills (e.g. Meteor Shower) are very weak, since they will almost certainly be disrupted.
- Characters must be able to fight continuously for several minutes without running out of energy, since you cannot "rest between fights"; energy-managing skills are essential.
- Spike damage is important, so that players can deliver focused damage to a single target to overwhelm any healing on that foe.
- Melee characters should carry speed boosts to catch targets, otherwise kiting can negate damage.
- High maximum health is critical. Superior runes are almost never used, and even the use of major runes is considered a bold choice.

Special tactics
These tactics are specific to a subset of PvP:

-Voice communication is essential to succeed in organized play(for high-end PvP almost a must have)
- In formats without auto-resurrection, all characters (other than dedicated healers) should carry a quick-activation resurrection skill.
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A few General Tips for Team-Based PvP
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