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PostSubject: Guild Pages   Guild Pages I_icon_minitime6/4/2011, 11:34 am

The official Guild Wars wiki site has a list of all active guilds and their guild pages (if they have one)
To create a Guild page for your guild go to...
> Menu
> Help
> At the bottom of the Help list you will see a list of guilds in the Alliance
> Click on the name of your guild to be taken to the Guild Wars wiki section for Guild Pages, it will ask you if u would like to create one if their already isnt one. Generally only the Guild's leader should create a new guild page or edit an existing one

You can also view the guild pages of the other guilds in the alliance from your Help menu in the same fashion

I encourage all alliance guilds to create a guild page and list its address under the Guild Pages section (under the Introduction Board) so that new members or prospective new members can see a synopsis of what your guild is all about.
When u list it their in a post u would write it out as i have listed below with the exception that any spaces between words look like this (example)...Clan_Of_The_Crab and not the actual space bar spaces, that wont work.

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Guild Pages
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