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 The Art of Syncing

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Boss Crab

PostSubject: The Art of Syncing   6/4/2011, 11:01 am

The reasoning behind this is simple...

>for starters when we do the sync count down we can do it in Local chat, so guild and alliance chats arent flooded by numbers when ppl are trying to have conversations
>Also, we have friends who sync with us that arent part of the alliance or its guilds
>and finally, since we are doing the countdown in Local chat, we use the Japanese districts for obvious reasons, those being that the district is generally empty and our syncs dont get corrupted by bots, leechers and other fools

Also I will list 2 IMPORTANT notes on Syncing here

1) Proximity Counts, so when u sync stand in a close circle (or dance or whatever) they pull ppl from the same district best if they are bunched together
2) at the end of the sync count down and u click 'Enter Battle' the number u spam up is the FIRST number u see after u have clicked enter battle NOT any numbers u see while the counter is progressing (it moves faster than u type numbers-combined with others looking-combined with them sending u a response)
 Also with regard to the number '30', there are 2 types: long 30 (the one u wait for to see after clicking) and just plain old 30 (which u see immediately after clicking)
 Generally if members of the group are off by 1 (say 28 and 27) u are still synced, if u are off by 2 (such as 28, 27 and 26) ur sync is likely off as well, so just restart the sync.
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The Art of Syncing
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