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 Using IMS in AB

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Using IMS in AB Empty
PostSubject: Using IMS in AB   Using IMS in AB I_icon_minitime5/6/2011, 3:42 am

This can actually be applied to FA and JQ as well as AB
Though its primary use is in AB so it is listed here...

IMS=Increased Movement Speed

There are many strategies in AB that will make you more successful and more likely to win. A concept, many have still to learn is called speed capping. It deals with a paragon with at least fallback as a skill or a character secondary profession with paragon with fallback.

The concept is a little tricky and many have not learned the strategy yet. I will explain how it works. A paragon uses fallback to boost speed of the team. The team caps as fast as they can avoiding the mob. The mob is when there are more players than your 4 on a team. If there is more than 4 players, you go to the next point. At the very least, you can have the enemy chase you down delaying their capping (taking shrines) giving the other teams a good chance to cap faster or delay or kill their monk. This is the end of discussion of speed capping. I hope this helps people win AB and enjoy Alliance Battles a lot more
REMEMBER-Speed boosts (called IMS's for Increased Movement Speed) are not cumulative. Only the IMS that gives the greatest boost is used, once it expires if another, lesser, IMS is in place it will go into effect til its own duration expires.
For example;
if u have fall back(33% faster)
and use another burst (say 25%) faster
u dont move 58% faster
u will only move as fast as the best burst on u at the time=33%
now u can be under 2 bursts which can help when the higher one ends

In JQ use make haste on a sin with dash
for 3 seconds he will move 50% faster
and when that ends he will slow to 33% faster since he has make haste on him too
this is a good way to cover the recharge time of dash
when make haste ends it will be over at say 8 seconds total duration
which is the recharge time of dash
so the sin can use dash again for 50% move bonus

Its the fastest IMS you can get when trying to initially cap the yellow shrine and its one of the ways someone may get there before you if u are relying on a 33% IMS alone
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Using IMS in AB
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