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 AB TEAMS-Forming Balanced Teams

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AB TEAMS-Forming Balanced Teams Empty
PostSubject: AB TEAMS-Forming Balanced Teams   AB TEAMS-Forming Balanced Teams I_icon_minitime5/6/2011, 3:35 am

The reason why I'd like to have these "units" is the same they got units in the army: to form kick ass groups that will have great chemistry and sense of awareness when they fight.

Why form these units?
-Cause you will learn the way your team mates fight and you can predict what they would do in certain situations.
-There is chain of command, everybody agrees to follow the leader and obey commands. Everybody knows what they are supposed to do.

Here is a list of my chars. They are all PvE chars, but almost every char has the equipment and skills to run every build worth running.

-Ernjo Perwo: Assassin, this char can spike, pressure, cap and move around quickly for repairs and stuff. Will get close and personal with casters.

-Esa Nahka: Ranger, can interrupt, spread conditions, deal AoE dmg and cap. Can run beast mastery and dagger builds.

-His Turdness: Ritualit, can heal, spike, spam spirits and even work as a minion master.

-Mr Ernjo: Monk, can smite, prot, heal, even spike. Very evasive with melee, don't mind being hexed with backfire Working on getting PnH, can run pretty much everything else.

-Rotten Juju: Necromancer, can MM, curse and degen. Not used as much as much in PvP, but can run most of the necro builds.

-Spol E Gona Pappa: Warrior, can run all the best war builds, I prefer hammer and spear, but can run axe and sword builds too. Working on getting sup vigor rune.

Toshi Death Note: Mesmer, can run every mesmer build, rly good at shut down and degen pressure, but can do interrupts. Maybe my best PvP character.
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AB TEAMS-Forming Balanced Teams
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