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PostSubject: Sentient Spore   Sentient Spore I_icon_minitime6/15/2014, 10:32 pm

This is another combo post set done by myself and Wombat. It has been consolidated here with his commentary 1st and then followed by my own

This is not so easy tried a couple of different ways this was best for me

so Nightfall map Mihang Township go north into Holdings of Chokhin take right hand fork follow road till you come against monsters 6 groups in all, last group has Ele Boss so PI good for him. Rince & Repeat . Drop rate 1-3 per run took about 45 mins for 10

Sentient Spore Ntt002

So this is how I did it  

Me Miss Rosie Green Necro/Rit
Pain Inverter
Signet of Spirits (Elite)
Painful Bond
Armor of Unfeeling
Summon Spirits

Hero Necro/Monk or Monk/Necro
Jagged Bones (Elite)
Animate Bone Minions
Animate Shambling Horror
Animate Vampiric Horror
Jame,s Gaze
Healing Breeze
Dwayna,s Sorrow

Hero Necro/Rit or Rit/Necro
Weapon of Fury (Elite)
Splinter Weapon
Mend Body and Soul
Spirit Light
protective Was Kaolai
Signet of Lost Souls
Flesh of My Flesh

Hero Necro/Monk
Spiteful Spirit (Elite)
Reckless Haste
Enfeebling Blood
Rip Enchantment
Mark of Pain
Signet of Lost Souls

Have Fun

there is something wombat forgot to mention
(probably because he was smart enough not to even attempt it Razz )
it is Exclamation IMPOSSIBLE Exclamation to run a solo SoS against a diverse group comprised of degen/hex mesmers, condition/spike dervish, air spikers with KD and worst of all a fucking paragon
(there was something else that they drop that the traveler needed before and i tried it-i wasnt as smart Evil or Very Mad )
and they will hex/air spike
and only
and completely ignore ur spirits til u r dead...
proper dead
as in -60 DP fucking proper dead

his team example is a good one for the farm
as u will need to bring in a small support party
to cover ur ass
i used the discord necros with my elementalist on my second account (a fire elementalist, after all, plants take alot more damage vs fire, remember. Usually i run earth, but at least i got to dust off and use that fire bone dragon staff Razz )

good luck and happy hunting

there are also groups on the left side of that map, it is literally split from the right side as wombat detailed and an equal number of groups with a monk boss on the left

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Sentient Spore
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