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 [CRAB] Progress Post #3

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Boss Crab

[CRAB] Progress Post #3 Empty
PostSubject: [CRAB] Progress Post #3   [CRAB] Progress Post #3 I_icon_minitime6/4/2014, 2:17 pm

It has been over 2 years since I last listed a [CRAB] update, and seeing as I have the time today... I will do one today  Surprised 

Over the last 2 years we have been back and forth:
We went and stayed (and stay for the time being anyway) Kurzick so some of us could work on our Kurzick titles and, even though we still remain in-touch with, are no longer in the [DUDA] alliance as they are Luxon and are staying Luxon. Eventually we will be returning to being Luxon, but as to when this will happen I have no idea at the moment.
We have been in a few alliances since then...
some good....
some not so good.
And I refuse to lead another alliance myself. I just don't have that kind of time anymore.
Despite my being off game for about 6 months in 2013 from April to about August and then again for 2 months from September to November the [CRAB] membership managed to hold the guild together, well at least the [CRAB] officers did. When I returned in early January of this year (2014) there were 12 of us I think, so I set to reviving the guild's membership and did what i always do, which is...
Random Invites.
Meaning I send invites to anyone who is guildless and tell them it's an open invite; stay as long or short as you like.
Some stay,
Some don"t.
However, it did rebirth us and it gave us at least a semi-active status again.
When I do these "random invites" I get a lot of new players (yes, people are still buying an 8 year old game) and players returning to the game after long absences. This is fine, it does, or i should say "can" lead to a semi-active guild rather than an active one, and that's fine. I don't bother to kick inactive players anymore anyway, I just let it go, and they know [CRAB] is and will still be here when and if they come back.

Presently we are in the [AVA] alliance, Having been in the [EFFN] alliance until its leader went into the military and left the leadership in the hands of.....
someone we have had dealings with in the past as our alliance leader and it worked out horrible.
Make that fucking horrible.
Hehe just read the 1st history about our guild and you will know...
Yep, thats right. That "person"


So we left, with several of the other guilds in the [EFFN] alliance, and I convinced (well, adamantly suggested to) likely the most active (and very charismatic too) officer in [CRAB] that SHE should run the new alliance.
So she did.
So she does.
Her name is Ava, hence [AVA].

Presently there are 45 members in [CRAB].
35 members
9 officers
and me.
Where we are headed now?
Who knows.
"We shall go on till the end....."
(Winston Churchill, 1939)

Til the last server stops and all that's left is a memory.


[CRAB] Progress Post #3 VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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[CRAB] Progress Post #3
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