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 Jaya Bluffs (normal mode) Feather Farm

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Jaya Bluffs (normal mode) Feather Farm Empty
PostSubject: Jaya Bluffs (normal mode) Feather Farm   Jaya Bluffs (normal mode) Feather Farm I_icon_minitime6/4/2014, 9:03 am

first thing u have to remember about the normal mode (dont bother with hard mode) feather farm in jaya is that...
time is money
so u will want to do a full run and sell off in town and be able to return to a 2nd farm within 12 minutes (15 at first, till u get it down)
the farm generates feathers as well as feathered crests which can be salvaged for feathers
there is also alot of iron and some bone that can be salvaged from the drops here
as well as wood...but why bother with the wood salvages, basically if an item can be salvaged into bone/iron (like a sensali crestguard will give iron) pick it up and normal salvage it but if its a staff and salvages to wood, dont bother unless blue or purple but even then dont bother
all common crafting materials can be salvaged here to some degree except scales, the amount of the other materials is low, very low though
many runes and insignias also drop in this area, particularly those for ritualist and assassin, which are expensive so they are good to sell
and btw by "sell" i mean the "materials trader and the rune trader"
dont waste time selling mats to players here (time is money)
the loss from any stack of common materials is 1.25k per stack, any stack (assuming the seller/buyer are buying at the half way mark between buying and selling which = material merchants selling price -50 gold per 10 (this doesnt apply to like wood and usually cloth, the stuff that costs like 110gold per 10) or the cost he buys from players at which then its that price he pays+50 gold (like above, except cloth or wood) so u would make 1.25k more per stack selling to players, however this takes time and u can farm the equivalent of 1.25k in jaya bluffs in about 1.5 minutes
there will also be non-max old school golds that will drop here, generally 1-3 per run, remember that the mods can still be max still even if they arent max armor or damage.... as was the case with the q9 strength armor 12 shield i had drop for me with the +45 while enchanted and the armor +10 vs demons...easy 100k there and that was cheap, regardless of the skin (bronze shield skin btw)
also black dye have been known to drop here

This is whats called a PB-AoE (point blank area of effect) build and this is also a good pve build in general for an ele, just drop the +3 fire rune for a +1 fire since u will need the health and then also use a +5 energy melee weapon (sword or axe) sub out Aura for light of deldrimor (for more damage) or drunken master (without alcohol) (a consistent IMS, since in general pve u will be chasing foes alot and u eed to be close to ur foes so they take damage), u have healer heroes, so u wont need aura, doesnt matter anyway, u will die often, but in ur party ONLY u will die, especially if u rush ahead with drunken master since u will take the 1st attack damage from foes and this being their elites and best attacks

Fire Magic12+1+3
Energy Storage 12+1
Air Magic 3

1 Fire Attunement
2 Aura of Restoration
3 Intensity* (sunspear skill, i will explain this below)
4 Starburst (elite)
5 Flame Burst
6 Flame Djinn's Haste (also acts as ur IMS)
7 Inferno
8 Tensai's Wind (i think thats the name, its the Air Magic Spell that causes a knock down vs attacking foes, its damage is irrelevant (air magic 3) its use is to knock down the attacking sensali so they dont kite just before u can kill them all off)

if u want u can use birthday cup cakes or green rock candies as a constant IMS, it will also speed things up, a cheaper way to do this is to drop the air magic spell and sub in Drunken Master (with or without alcohol)

Intensity* has to be the most overlooked pve only skill in the entire game.
at a decent (say 6) sunspear rank it says "the next time u do damage to a target with a spell u deal 70% of that damage to all foes in the area"
this description is misleading
first it doesnt say target foe, only target, so all u have to do is have a foe targeted (the red health bar) for any non target specific AoE/PB-AoE spells (like inferno) and it constitutes target
2nd if u take a spell like starburst which has a target and use it coupled with intensity here is what u get
target foe takes (just a round number) 100 damage from intensity (he's the lucky one)
All foes in the area take 100 damage from starburst +70 damage from intensity
this spell works great with skills, like water trident, that require one target but hit multiple targets in an area on their own, since intensity just adds 70% more damage to all foes except the target foe

The Farm=
its simple...
sensali are in the west period
while yeti are primarily in the east
so "Go West Young Man"......(a little Americana humor there   afro  )
there are 12 groups i think in all per run, i will screen shot the course next time i do it

3 runs yields (about 40 minutes)=
250 feathers (70-100 per run on average)
about 75-110 iron
about 40-50 bone
about 4 gold drops
runes and insignias, some of which resell for alot (vigors and shamans insignias just to name 2) so likely all told, in 3 runs u will have 5-10k worth of decent runes to sell
o yeah... and about 500 gold  Razz

u do the math   farao 
+3 fire (with +1 fire head gear)
+1 energy storage
Rune thats -20%duration vs weakness (forgot name)
Rune thats -20 vs cripple (forgot name, but this is also the -20vs bleed rune)  
vigor (+30,+41,+50 which ever one u can afford, the farm isnt that rough that u will likely "need" a +50, so a +30 will be fine)

use either full survivor insignias or full blessed insignias (i prefer the survivor myself)

>Shield with "damage -3 while hexed" and health +60 while hexed
another option is using an
>Focus Item with the inscription "Armor +10 while hexed" which will actually give u better armor than a shield u dont meet the req for [it will be +10 with the focus+that inscription, while the shield (if maxed) will be +8] and then adding a "focus core of valor" to the focus for +60 health.
u wont get the -3 damage while hexed but the offhand will give u +12 energy (which u likely wont need but is still good to have.
>sword or axe (NOT spear, needs to be one handed melee weapon) with +30 health and either a +5 energy or inscribed with "halves recharge of spells 10%" (the inscription is better here, u wont need the energy really, and even though ur spells have short recharges, a bit faster never hurt and it could make things go faster (see above :time is money Razz), also u wont need 20% longer enchantments (unless u want for Flame Djinns Haste and arent using another IMS) ...dont be lazy No  
cast enchantments on recharge and heal urself with Aura and Attunement. thats right, dont forget that ur 2 enchantments will also heal u when used provided Aura is up

And thats the Uber Pro Feather Farm for Jaya Bluffs....
now go kill some fucking birds Twisted Evil

Jaya Bluffs (normal mode) Feather Farm VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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Jaya Bluffs (normal mode) Feather Farm
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