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 Kraken Eyes

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Boss Crab

PostSubject: Kraken Eyes    5/31/2014, 10:13 pm

There are 2 ways to farm these....

u will leave to leave from Zos Shivros Channel into Boreas Seabed
use the standard SoS solo
it always works in general anyway
get the bonus if u want, u really wont need it but if u are Luxon u may want it..we at CRAB POWA are Luxons so we get it
u will get the first 4 as a group, or 3, as i think the one is a solo that will match up with the group
it really isnt a bad farm,
despite the fact that they can self heal with Ether Feast and remove the Painful Bond hex u use with the standard SoS
but ppl are selling at 2k each so maybe these ppl just dont get it....heres the article so u do 'get it' or the article that makes u rich
it depends on what day it is and ur standpoint....

as i said leave from Zos Shivros into Boreas
u are less likely to get anything from the initial 3/4 than the ones later
u just entered the zone
and so u wont get drops by default
so u get nothing or crap at first
after u kill the 3/4 proceed north... thats 'up' on ur map
(and watch that u DO NOT get involved with the Naga in the area, or get jumped by the fucking this area...the words Luxon Chest mean Oni ambush)
use ur ctrl keys to locate more Kraken
who will be solo btw
u will end up with 3 more singles in the direct north
then proceed due west of the last to find a final group of 3 (again watch the wide sweeping naga patrols and oni traps)
its in these later singles and the last group of 3 Krakens that u will likely get what u are looking for
in general after my runs i have found a run takes u about 2 minutes (3-4 minutes if u have to deal with oni and naga assholes) and u will get one or two eyes on a run
as always after this map travel to ur start point then ....just do it again and save urself the cash

Way 2
Just do the Boreas Mission plenty of Kraken Spawn by the Kraken

good luck and quick hunting

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Kraken Eyes
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