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 Krait Skin

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PostSubject: Krait Skin    3/24/2014, 4:27 pm

This farm is horrible

Krait are diverse and this is an issue if u are trying to use SoS solo as it is harder to kill the mixed group types than it is to hunt those of only 1 or 2 classes,
i recommend u dont try the SoS solo here

Method 1 (not recommended)
Leave from Vloxx's Falls and go into Arbor Bay (and btw dont forget to put on ur Asuran title u will need it)
there are plenty of groups of only 2 kraits here so they are easy targets
the main issue with Krait here is they have a HUGE patrol range and will over lap one another and a group of 2 can quickly become a group of 4 or a group of 6 or the group with the monk boss that seems to patrol the entire fucking map

but these points arent the main issue
which is (according to wiki...)

>Krait Neoss (notice i said Neoss [warriors], not Necross [necromancers]) often transform using Metamorphosis. Killing a Krait Neoss before it transforms does not stop the process but it does count as a separate kill from the reformed Krait.
>You can take advantage of the Metamorphosis skill to divide their teams. New Krait created by this skill will aid any other Krait they see around, but are not part of their old group, so if you lure Krait far away from their spot, those that stop to transform will break aggro and forget about your party, staying behind. This way, a party of 6 Krait Neoss can be divided into a group of 3 and 3 separate evolved Krait that you may manage to fight separately.
>You don't have to kill transformed Krait to earn credit for vanquishing.

What this means is the Krait Neoss will either before or even after they die transform...the issue here is...they seem to be the only ones that drop Krait Skin....and after they morph...they wont drop it

wtf A-Net

[actually the Neoss arent really the only ones that will drop the Skins-they just seem to be the ones that drop it 8 times out of 10, so for all intents and purposes-kill the fucking Neoss]

ur best bet is to take the discord necros and have ur main character carry hexes and conditions and just spike the Neoss's as fast as u can before they change
u will end up killing all the Krait in the entire area which is oooooooo about a HUNDRED of them
due to the fact that they dont have a set time as to when they change i cant honestly tell u how long it will take u to get the FIFTEEN (which in of itself is bullshit given the circumstances) that u need (this also explains why ppl are selling at 1k each)

Method 2 (recommended)
Leave Rata Sum and go into the Magus Stones and head west-there are also a few groups directly south of the wind rider groups (along with a necro krait boss), its easy enough to hit both areas
u will have to take out the 2 groups of wind riders before u get to the krait (be careful u dont agrro BOTH of the wind rider groups at once as they will kick the bejesus out of u and the discordway necros)
the advantage to this area is that almost all of the krait u encounter are Neoss Kraits to start off (as opposed to Arbor Bay where alot of them are already morphed before u get to them)
After u kill the initial few groups of Krait continue west, there u will find more krait mixed in with single wind riders and a wind rider group with a boss
once u reach the 'frog men' go south and u can pick up a few more krait groups.
in all u are looking at about 50 krait total here in the west and about 30 in the southern area below the initial group of wind riders at the start

Good Luck,

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Krait Skin
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