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 Sand Blasted Lodestone

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PostSubject: Sand Blasted Lodestone   Sand Blasted Lodestone I_icon_minitime9/17/2013, 1:36 am

after A-Net choose these for the Traveler u were probably like "o, fuck' scratch
but its actually quite an easy farm for the 5 u need  Very Happy
..Thank fucking God  Surprised

>with this farm there are 4 groups of 2 either Crags, Mesas, or 1 of each
>The Crags And Mesas here are similar to the ones that are in the North Western part of Jahai Bluffs, but their level is higher, u faced these guys when u needed Sentient Lodestones a few months ago for the traveler
>it may be worth farming these for cash, they are presently selling at 2k each in Bone Palace (and Lair of the Forgotten)
>i did 5 runs (in the international district, with a mini out) and got 3-2-4-4-0=13, so thats 2.6 lodestones per run or about 5k with the current sales price, and a run takes 8-11 minutes (whIch depends on the class u are using as SoS (energy concerns) and whether or not u end up dying once or twice,
so u have the potential to make 55k an hour (not including the time it takes to sell them). However the price will likely drop down to 1k each as the week progresses (still worth farming @ 27.5k an hour)

SoS build
[for this farm try this build-u will need to sub out Pain in favor of Shadow Song, Bloodsong being the better choice to keep, even though it is less damage than Pain the spirit heals itself for better longevity]
>Painful Bond
>Shadow Song
>Signet of Spirits (Elite)
>Spirit Light (use 3-6 points in Restoration)
>Armor of Unfeeling (ALWAYS use this with ANY SoS Solo)
>Summon Spirits (using ur best Kurz or Lux rank)

The Farm
Leave from Lair of the Forgotten into the Poisoned Outcrops

go due east, u may or may not at one time have a small Termite ambush, and move up further to the 1st group u see so u dont aggro the Awakened group
cast ur spirits then aggro the group, if u are using Painful Bond target the Crag (u will need to know when he casts Sandstorm, since u will need to use Summon Spirits to remove ur spirits from its AoE)
Moving ur spirits around will help mitigate the damage from Sandstorm and Aftershock, also the Mesas can KD u ALOT so Shadow Songs Blindness attack is essential.....they cant hit what they cant see, and the Crags use Stone Daggers and Stoning which wont hit if the Crags cant see either

continue east and they are within sight of where u fought group 1

come around the bend to the west and u will see a group in between 2 groups of Djinn, the Djinn are actually easy enough to avoid since they have a small patrol range and u can thus easily isolate the Crags/Mesas in between them. just watch u dont aggro the Djinn, u are royally screwed if u do as the build u are using isnt set up for combat against them whatsoever.

this group is the most difficult insofar as getting to them, proceed western-ish leaning northern, u will need to time the patrol cycle of the Djinn, as well as watch that the Crag/Mesa group isnt coming ur way at the same time, then u also need to avoid the Margorites on ur left and the eventual new group of Djinn and Awakened on ur right...relax, this sounds more complicated than it really is
u will need to do a series of wall huggings and then end up along the eastern most part of that wall and hopefully bypass all foes in aggro range, then drop fresh spirits and target the Crag/Mesa and aggro JUST them, then move towards the shrine and pull ur spirits back with Summon Spirits (depending u may want/need to do this twice) and with any luck u will be able to pull the Crag/Mesa back with u towards the shrine without aggro'ing any of the other foes in the area (particuarly avoid the Djinn here, if u do aggro them speak to the person at the shrine-so when u inevitably die u can respawn there rather than at start-then pull the Djinn into the group of Awakened-u wont last long and when u respawn at the correct/closer shrine-the Djinn and Awakened will be no where near u and u will be free o try to tackle the 2 Crag/Mesas without the interference of the other foes in the area)

Sand Blasted Lodestone Gw22112

And thats about it
Good Luck with farming and with ur Gifts  Very Happy

Sand Blasted Lodestone VideoGameSigs4dc3cf312aba2
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Sand Blasted Lodestone
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