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 Icy Hump

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PostSubject: Icy Hump    Icy Hump   I_icon_minitime9/12/2013, 6:50 pm

Farming these is easy.

In normal mode leave from Gates of Kryta into Scoundrel's Rise, solo ofc, and blast the living fuck out of any margoyles that get in your way. This will be slow since they use water magic snare spells, this is ok,
they need to die, die and fucking die
because the traveler hasn't, but eventually will, ask u for margoyle skulls and u can start by saving the ones u may get here.
And if any bog skale get in your way
blast the flying bog shit from them as well,
the traveler still hasnt asked for bog skale fins yet either. Laughing 

Now head from Scoundrel's Rise into the adjacent EA of Griffon's Mouth.
Once there simply kill any and all of the snow ettins u see while moving stylish, strong and (maybe) sexy through the area.
A full run takes 5 minutes or less to get to the other side  of the EA and the gate leading to the Deldrimor Bowl and yields 8-10 humps,
and that's ALOT of humpage Shocked 
Once u finish 1 run go through the gate to Deldrimor Bowl turn back the fuck around and go back (the fuck) through the gate to Griffon's Mouth, kill any and all (again) of the snow ettins you see on your way toward the gate for Scoundrel's Rise.

2 runs=10 minutes=16-20 humps, and you need only 15 for Nick the Dick.
So essentially
you may have more humps than he can handle.
Ain't that a mother fuck Wink 

Dont waste your time using the SoS solo (like the ones i generally list for traveler farm use).
Fuck no.
Fuck no not this week.
Fuck nnNNnnNNNooOOOoooOOO.
This week YOU, yes YOUUUUUUUUUU, are going straight to the fucking Devil's Door (that's; La Porta chingado del Diablo) and using a PBAoE Fire  build (that's; Point Blank Area of Effect).
All of the ettins are levels 11 and 12 (strangely enough they have no special vulnerability to fire, but you won't need them to have that really, really really)
just use:

Fire Magic: 12+1+3
Energy Storage: 12+1
Equip: any one handed MELEE weapon (so u will be in point blank melee attack range)

>Drunken Master (no alcohol)-or another perma-ish IMS
>Fire Attunement
>Elemental Lord (kurz or lux, which ever is better for you)
>Aura of Restoration
>Intensity (why? see below)
>Star Burst (Elite)
>Flame Burst

-The combination of Aura and Ele Lord will self heal you beyond any threat of death or innate laziness
-These PBAoE fire spells have the shortest recharge times.
-Intensity is really a very, very, very useful skill in PBAoE builds (like the kind i use for feather farming;) ). Here's how that works:
Star Burst=approx 119 damage to TARGET foe AND all foes in the area
with Intensity=Target foe takes 119 damage and all foes in the area take 119 damage +70% additional damage from being in the area of the TARGET foe (70%= Sun Spear rank 6), so all foes in the area really they take, in this example, 202.3 damage, while the target foe takes the base 119 damage.
Fucking devastating.
Just fucking devastating.

Now get out there and fucking devastate Twisted Evil 

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Icy Hump
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