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 Cobalt Talon

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PostSubject: Cobalt Talon   8/23/2013, 1:03 pm

GW Wiki says: Farm the Vehjin Mines
From Jennur's Horde, cross through the mine work area, then head northwest to find 4-5 groups of Cobalt. When you hit the Behemoths turn Southwest for another 3-4 mobs

I say: This is pretty accurate
Also, when you hit minotaurs and giants (south west), turn another way.
There is also a boss Cobalt here for your amusement.
You can get the 10 Talons you need for Nick in about two full runs tops (average about 5 Talons per run), each run taking about 15 minutes.

I used a SoS Solo Rit to farm the Talons:
>Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support (to occupy the Cobolt Scabara assholes)
>Shadowsong (can't hit what you can't see, hehe)
>Signet of Spirits  
>Armor of Unfeeling (necessary as with any SoS solo farm vs anything above level 10)
>Summon Spirits (using your highest Luxon or Kurzick rank if u have the skill from both faction

As you may have noticed, I didn't use a heal skill in my build.
You really don't need one, there is a rez shrine nearby...if you die, no big deal. jocolor
Also, didn't bring Painful Bond-since they just remove it anyway.
All spirits=All damage Twisted Evil   

That's all,

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Cobalt Talon
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