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 Bowl of Skalefin Soup

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PostSubject: Bowl of Skalefin Soup   Bowl of Skalefin Soup I_icon_minitime4/1/2013, 4:50 pm

That's SKALE FINs from Nightfall
and not the
BOG SKALE FINs from Prophecies (that u used to make Herring out of)

You can find the type of Skale u need to farm all over Istan. Wiki says;
Issnur Isles is the best place to farm the Skale, by leaving Beknur Harbor and heading east into the shallow waters.
But in all honesty any area near water on the Istan (NooB) Island is going to have Skale, so one spot is just as good as any.
The Skale (pointless to list because this is all of them, but i am trying to take up space fuckers Razz ) that u will encounter are (at various levels and classes):
Frigid Skale
Hungry Skale
Razorback Skale
Ridgeback Skale
Skale Blighter
Skale Lasher

After u have all the Skale Fins u need (that will be 10, 2 per soup) go and see Chef Panjoh in The Astralarium to exchange them.

So basically this week is really simple,
and i actually had a few moments to author a Traveler's post for once so i am off the hook i suppose for the last 4 weeks "missed" farms.
Yeah me! cheers

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Bowl of Skalefin Soup
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