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 Pile of Elemental Dust

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PostSubject: Pile of Elemental Dust   Pile of Elemental Dust I_icon_minitime1/22/2013, 11:22 am

Here's what Wiki says about farming these;
Nice quick run in Battledepths for Piles of Elemental Dust. Get the Chromatic Scales to get 50+ kills and enjoy a synergy with the Dwarven title track. Merchant in zone. Head south do the full route, get the 2 that are north of the portal on your way back, zone/rezone and repeat. 1-3 Piles per run.

And to be honest, your bet is to go with that
there are ALOT of foes that drop the elemental dust
ALOT of powerful Elementals i mean
and many solo builds, like SoS, are just death sentences
Because there is always a however,
this comment is ALSO on wiki;
I reckon it would probably be much easier to just farm anything on Drakkar lake than muck about with chromatic drakes, and even easier to perma Sliver farm the roving groups of ice elementals in Ice Cliff Chasms.

So, what i am going to do is simply list the foes and their base region,
and you can decide for yourself  Cool

   Far Shiverpeaks
       Frozen Elemental
       Chilling Wisp
   Charr Homelands
       Burning Spirit
       Charr Hunter Beast
       Flowstone Elemental
   Depths of Tyria
       Burning Spirit
       Chilling Wisp
       Flowstone Elemental
       Frozen Elemental
       Icy Stalagmite
       Shattered Elemental
       Whirling Wisp

Hope it all helps,
at least somewhat.  Very Happy

P.S: I did get a PM from a fiend, who is a LOONATICK!
(haha, just fuck you Loon)  Smile
But anyway, here is what he had to say regarding this farm:
Volume and nature is why wiki says farm em in battledepths. I used a very very stupid a/e. I had shroud of distress, great dwarf armor, that sin blind shit skill, GoLE, lava font, typtophan sig (to help keep em in the font) and those 2 other non tageted fire spells that hit for abt 100 fire dmg.

yeah no shadow form cause it caps ur dmg. grps are mostly 2 of em but even the bigger grps of 4-5 r kinda pussys. u just gotta watch that ur not by winter. i would hit the 2 grp heading towards HoS from CTC then double back and head up the other main hall towards the exit near the eotn and just fight the whirling wisps. it usually took 2x thru the dmg spells theres prolly better builds but runs were quick only a few minutes and i got anywhere from 4-8 of the ele dust.

Maybe an SoS w/ no painful bond cause of their spell blocking and spiritleech instead could take em out by using the EV Asshole support to keep them from fucking ur spirits... i dunno i didn't try. did see the guy who used 2 do those nick farm vids on Youtube doing it on a R/A with a pet to tank.

Fuck that spinning ball of dochedom in drakar, battledepths is soooooo fucking easy xD

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Pile of Elemental Dust
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