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 Canthan New Year

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Boss Crab

PostSubject: Canthan New Year   1/18/2013, 12:19 am

...Dedicated to my friend....
the Loonatick
LOL, fuck you very much buddy Very Happy

Imperial Chef Chen
Igneous Spider Legs
Ebon Spider Legs
Bonesnap Shells
Azure Crests
Unctuous Remains

Imperial Chef Jiong
Archaic Kappa Shells
Mantis Pincers
Kraken Eyes
Naga Hides

Imperial Chef Reun
Alpine Seeds
Guardian Moss
Celestial Essence
Dragon Root

Imperial Chef Tian
Ebon Spider Webs
Half-Eaten Blobs
Azure Remains
Icy Lodestones

Imperial Chef Yan
Iridescent Griffon Wings
Tangled Seeds
Fiery Crests
Smoking Remains

1= yes, some Chefs want 4 items and some want 5, the listings arent in error.
2= there are NINE finales, so if your guild is sponsoring districts you will need 9 of each item to do all nine finales.
3= ALL of the items the Chefs want are from the Prophecies or Factions campaigns.
4= u may need to talk to the NPC in Factions (Kaineng Center) if you have started, or finished, Winds Of Change, to get the spawns back to the normal Factions spawns. This is certainly needed to get Bonesnap Shells in the Lagoon.

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Canthan New Year
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