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 Hardened Hump

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PostSubject: Hardened Hump   Hardened Hump I_icon_minitime1/14/2013, 12:10 pm

Note 1: HARDENED Hump, not ICY Hump.
Note 2: Unless you want to try and solo fucking Peacekeeper assholes you will want to either abandon or complete any War in Kryta bounties you have active.

Gypsie Ettin only appear in 2 places: Nebo Terrace and North Kryta Province or in the Missions: D'Alessio Seaboard and Divinity Coast. Nebo Terrace seems to be your best bet for farming the hardened Humps.
As with most lower level farms bring an IMS and use whatever solo build you like.
I used the SoS Solo build (as usual) on one account, and a Feather Farm Build on the other.

Nebo Terrace
Here is GW Wiki's suggestion for farming the Hardened Humps...
Solo players can start from Bergen Hot Springs. Avoid the first Skeleton group. There will be a fight between Tengus and Gypsie Ettins ahead. Once the Ettins win, they will head through the corridor towards the outpost and ball around you. Continue west (walking in front of Nicholas) by the skales and proceed north towards Nebo Village passing close to the Statue of Dwayna. Finally head west through the narrow corridor to Beetletun where there will be several Ettins. They usually group in 2-3. Stop when you see more Caromis.
That's about right
You can start at Beetlerun instead of Bergen Hot Springs and basically do the run in reverse.
The first foes you fight are Mergoyles, np there, and since Mergoyle Skulls are also on the Travelers list you can secondary farm them and save yourself time later.
There will also be a Spined Aloe (dropping Abnormal Seeds, which are also items Nick needs on his later list) or two and some Caromi, and even though the Traveler has already asked for Feathered Caromi Scalps, you can still salvage them for feathers.
And who doesn't like feathers? Very Happy
Optionally you can just run past all these dickheads and head straight for the first group of 3 Ettins, it's up to you.
The second group is right up from the first group and the third group is right by that first little village with the 3 NPCs.
Just keep following the path as you pass the village and u will encounter group four.
Once you get to the second little village start going south to find the next group.
If you continue on from this point following the path you will end up dealing with 3 groups of Caromi before dealing with a fourth group fighting YOUR Ettins. Here Wiki says the Ettins kill the Caromi, always. Well.... Wiki can't be right all the time I guess because my Ettins are laying there FUCKING DEAD right in front of me. Razz
In any event,
they are the last group of Ettins in the area, and really arent worth your time going to, so after the fifth group rinse and repeat.

And that's my farm (and Wiki's) on Harden Humps.
Which are likely Ettin ass.

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Hardened Hump
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