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PostSubject: Keen Oni Talon   Keen Oni Talon I_icon_minitime1/8/2013, 11:15 am

NOTE: Keen Oni Talons from the Oni spawning in the Jade Sea, not the Keen Oni Claws from the Oni in the Echovald Forest regions.

Oni can suck...they cause bleeding, constantly double-shrike, shadowstep with a knock down, have an unblockable attack as well as one that can knock you down if you are running a solo build (if not adjacent to any allies, spirits will prevent this KD if they are adjacent to you) and... and... the fuckers regenerate.
But like I said: they "can" suck, that's not saying they will, and here they don't. Here, they are your little demonic bitches.
I have listed the fastest farm I know to get the Keen Oni Talons from the Jade Sea EA's below. It's simple and easy and will get you the Talons you need (5) in no time
The Farm
Leave from Breaker Hollow into Mount Qinkai and hit the shrine and get the blessing (advised) then go north/northeast to the little alcove and cause 4 Oni to span.
After that follow the beach south-ish, you will need to drop spirits twice to bypass the 2 groups of Naga there along the way, after you drop spirits just run past them and start heading off the beach and into another alcove, this time there will be 3-4 Oni pop ups.
To get to the last group follow the path out of the alcove and go left at the fork and proceed up the small hill and the last group of 3-4 Oni spawns.
Rinse and Repeat

The run takes less than 5 minutes, more like 4 minutes actually, and u generally get 0-1 per run

Here's the SoS Solo build I used:
>Painful Bond
>Shadowsong (after all, they can't hit what they can't see Very Happy)
>Bloodsong (a better choice than pain when it comes down to it since its a self-healing spirit)
>Signet of Spirits
>Mend Body and Soul (Oni cause Bleeding)
>Armor of Unfeeling (necessary as with any SoS solo farm vs. anything above level 10)
>Summon Spirits (using your highest Luxon or Kurzick rank if u have the skill from both factions)

It's as simple as that.
See you all next week.

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Keen Oni Talon
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