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PostSubject: Icy Lodestone   Icy Lodestone I_icon_minitime12/31/2012, 5:22 pm

Well, 1st off if u have a perma pre WITH a "Pre-to-Post Mule" then u would want to farm these from the Ice Elementals in pre-searing Ascalon.
You would also want to do this if u or have just a pre mule, re-rolling with the character slot after going post,
or if u just happen to have a re-roll character slot just lying around.
It's SO much fucking easier, simpler and faster to farm the Icy lodestones in pre. You will get 10 in one 10 minute run, which is good for sales profits as well.
If u dont have the option(s) above open to u, we will discuss what options u have here below;

Who to Farm and Where to Farm them
Ice Golems
Level 10 Water Elementalists
They appear in: Lornar's Pass, Snake Dance and Talus Chute in the Southern Shiverpeaks and in Iron Horse Mine, Traveler's Vale and Griffon's Mouth as well as in the Missions; Borlis Pass and The Frost Gate in the Northern Shiverpeaks and in
Siege Ice Golem
Level 24 Water Elementalists
They appear in: Dreadnought's Drift, Frozen Forest, Grenth's Footprint, Icedome, Lornar's Pass, Mineral Springs, Snake Dance, Sorrow's Furnace, Spearhead Peak, Talus Chute and Tasca's Demise. They also appear in the missions; Iron Mines of Moladune and Thunderhead Keep.
And while all this information is all very well and good, why in the flying fuck would u farm level 24 Ice Golems when u can just farm level 10 Ice Golems.... wouldn't
we will focus on getting the 10 Icy Lodestones u need from level 10 Ice Golems.

The best place (meaning the fastest, simplist place with the most of your target foe) for Icy drops is....

Another option (though likely one that no one will bother with for the purpose of farming these) is that 7 to 12 can be received from a Sack of Random Junk given to the player by Lieutenant Thackeray during his scavenger hunt which is part of Hearts of the North (GW & Beyond) in the EotN.

In any event, u will still need to get TO the Traveler's location this week.
And the easiest way to do this is leave from the Ice Caves Of Sorrow mission outpost into the Talus Chute explorable area and head straight north till u reach the gate to Ice Dome. Go through it (yeah, no shit) and the Traveler's exact location in Ice Dome is.....
On GW Wiki ofc Razz

See u next week.
I will likely see u next week, drunken

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Icy Lodestone
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