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PostSubject: Luminous Stone   Luminous Stone I_icon_minitime11/26/2012, 3:46 pm

The first note i need to make is...
He wants Luminous Stones NOT Lustrous Stones.
Lustrous Stones drop from the Mandragor on Istan (a.k.a the Noob Island of Elona) which u will get as a by-product of farming the Mandragor there for Mandragor Swamproots that the Traveler also asks for, so save them.
Luminous Stones drop from Mandragor in The Desolation and Kourna.

Here is where the Mandragor u need are in Kourna and The Desolation.
Locations and Creature Types
(Arkjok Ward, Bahdok Caverns, Barbarous Shore, Jahai Bluffs, Sunward Marches and The Floodplain of Mahnkelon)  
Mandragor Imp
Mandragor Slither (also spawns in Marga Coast)
Stoneflesh Mandragor
The Desolation
(Crystal Overlook, Joko's Domain, The Alkali Pan and The Sulfurous Wastes)
Mandragor Sand Devil
Mandragor Terror
Ravenous Mandragor
Note:Luminous Stones also drop from Corrupted Natures (elementalists, necromancers and warriors) which only appear during the quest Melonni's Meditations.

even though I just listed all that under locations, the best place to farm them is Arkjok Ward, leaving from Yohlan Haven, the Mandragor are in the south which is where u are when u exit from Yohlan Haven.
I listed it all because...
that's what i do lol,
that way u can try out all the options available,
if u so please.  Surprised

So, with that in mind,
I am going to just list the finer points from the previous Traveler article from this board on Mandragor Root Cake, which come from Mandragor Roots,
which come from Kournan Mandragors,
that also happen to drop Luminous Stones,
which is what the Traveler wants from u this week,
which he trades u Gifts of the Traveler for,
which u open and say,
"Ahw, FUCK!"
Because u likely just got shit.

There it is then.

And here is that Article (edited)......
>Many (though not all) Mandragor are "pop ups" and also have a wide patrol range
so u will likely aggro more than 1 group at a time
and u can forget about SoS solo farming them
>The Stone Flesh Mandragor are quite formidable, as they use earth magic spells to protect themselves so its a good idea to target them last and kill the other Mandragor first or just bring the Disenchant spirit
>Mandragor Imps can disenchant u, so that will be a major handicap to many elementalists builds
>Mandragor Slithers use Wild Blow, which always scores a critical hit (as well as ends a stance), they also use Headbutt which also does a fair amount of damage.

But here's what u can do.....
Try to take out a party of 4-6, yourself included
minion master heroes can help here, as they will give u more "allies". Spirit Spammers heroes will also help here for the same reason (more allies=more targets=u don't get "molested" as much by Mandragor).
What I used was the Discord way Necros (all 3 of them)
and Rit hero running Wanderlust with all communing spirits
for myself i ran SoS with channeling sprits and Vampirism
(even though the character is an elementalist, they have a hindrance vs Mandragor as iI listed above)
I got 2-3 roots per run in Arkjok Ward, and a run took about 10 minutes or so.
Thus, since u only need 5 u are  likely looking at 20 minutes (2 runs).

Good Luck/Have Fun,

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Luminous Stone
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