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 Glowing Heart

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PostSubject: Glowing Heart   Glowing Heart I_icon_minitime11/10/2012, 6:14 am

Glowing Hearts drop from Fire Imps and Inferno Imps.

The Build
For this week's farm I used an SoS solo build (as usual), but it's likely most any class or build would do, it's just that easy.
Anyway, here's the SoS solo build i used this week...
>Painful Bond
>Blood Song
>Signet of Spirits
>Mend Body and Soul (Imps use Immolate, which causes Burning)
>Armor of Unfeeling (necessary as with any SoS solo farm vs anything above level 10)
>Summon Spirits (using your highest Luxon or Kurzick rank if u have the skill from both factions)

The Route
Leave from D'Alessio Seaboard and go into North Kryta Province.
Head east at 1st, till u get to the bridge.
Then head north till u see another bridge along with a shrine.
Then head west till u run into Caromi Tengu.
Then head south back to where u started at.

It's really that simple.

Good Luck & Have Fun,

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Glowing Heart
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