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 Celestial Essence

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PostSubject: Celestial Essence   Celestial Essence I_icon_minitime10/11/2012, 1:01 pm

There is only one place to farm these
and that's the Nahpui Quarter MISSION
(not the Nahpui Quarter EXPLORABLE AREA)

Start by going to the portal to your far right, that will be Hai Jii (an illusion mesmer), don't go to the portal to the far left, thats the monk celestial, he uses Knockdowns which will just annoy the living fuck out of u.

After Hai Jii u face the the Dragon Celestial, Tahmu, an (air) elemental. Uhm, nothing special there, just use a shield with +10 vs lightning if u can.

Next u face the Turtle celestial, a necromancer, Quonghsang. From here on out, if u are running enchantments (i.e.,elementalists) kill the Essences of Turtle 1st, they can disenchant. This is also where u have an issue if u are using using Shadow Form, at this point just resign and start over

And finally u get to the (Smite) Monk Kajun Don, a kirin. Kill him last and get the other Celestials, don't even bother with the Star Tengu with him (and btw, they are Tengu, so mods that give the 11-20% damage bonus vs Tengu work vs them, they dont take extra damage vs lightning though as they are Canthan Tengu)).

NOTE: NEVER double back into an area u have cleared of celestials earlier. The respawned Celestials DO NOT drop anything, including Celestial Essences
However, after u kill a boss, mess around in the area of that boss, including where u just came fron (only so far back though) as u will have the 1st respawns of the newly dead boss, who will drop things.
fuck around a little with ur route.
Dont stray too far from ur path (as if u were doing the mission) but branch out a small bit.
If u start seeing the 2nd spawns of a celestial when returning to ur course, u are going a bit to far out.

You will be using a party of 4 (u+3 heroes) for this farm


(Channeling=12+3+1, Communing=5+1, Spawn Power=9+1, Command=Cool
>Painful Bond
>Signet of Spirits
>Armor of Unfeeling
>Spirit Syphon
>"We Shall Return" (just in case)
*(use as 1st move vs Phoenix to stop their Crip Anguish, u may get rupted but o well, u may not, also use against Dragon secondly)

Rit Hero
(Communing=12+3+1, Spawn Power=12+1)
>Signet of Ghostly Might
>Armor of Unfeeling
>Vital Weapon
>Signet of Creation

Necro Hero (Necromancer/Ritualist)
(Death Magic=12+1+3, Soul Reaping=10+1, Blood Magic=8+1,
Restoration Magic=2)
>Aura of the Lich
>Animate Shambling Horror
>Animate Bone Minions
>Putrid Bile
>Blood Renewal
>Signet of Lost Souls
>Death Nova
>Flesh of my Flesh

Monk Hero (Monk/Mesmer)
(Healing Prayers=12+1+1, Divine Favor=11+1, Protection Prayers=2(+1), Inspiration Magic=6)
>Healing Ribbon
>Signet of Rejuvenation
>Word of Healing
>Dwayna's Kiss
>Leech Signet
>Power Drain
>Mend Ailment
>Cure Hex

Each run takes about 20 minutes and yields 3-5 (maybe more, i did get 9 in a run once) Essences per run,
so it will be a long day No
but u will get there


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Celestial Essence
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